Gaijin Gunpla

The MG Gundam Kyrios released back in May and I am just now getting it. Happy belated birthday to myself! Thanks, Covid.

The MG Dynames turned out pretty well and I was excited to see that Bandai decided to do the Kyrios as well. To me it’s a better and more interesting looking MS.

And it’s orange! I love orange!

Let me find that orange!

This feels like a lot of markings for an MG.

Is that the case? It’s been so long.

Not many foils, though.

This is a transforming kit but the runners all fit into a thin MG box.

There’s the orange!

Frame runners.

Armour runners.

Effect parts.

Forgot to expect these. The MG Dynames wasn’t that long ago (feels like forever, though) and I made note of those in that kit’s First Look post.

Manual shots.

The manual is orange themed.

Interested to check out that transformation.

The last transforming kit I built must have been the MG FAZZ Ver Ka. and before that was the… um… ZZ Ver Ka. Not a lot of transforming Master Grades lately.

Speaking of transformation, it looks like it takes up the last 3 pages of the manual.

Then the Marking Guide, of course.

Welcome back to me, my friend the MG!

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  1. Sheldon says:

    hi, it been a while since you posted. Im glad your back =)

  2. Joshua says:

    Everyone he’s back!!! Better hurry or ill finish this kit before you do :p maybe once exams are done.

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