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How long ago is it now that the RG Force Impulse was announced? Was it the end of 2019? A whole year ago? Back when the world was normal and no one had any reason to believe that they might not be able to get one when it released in June 2020?

Simpler times.

Well, the world blew up and now here we are – already isolated Australia is further isolated by the reduction in international shipments and it’s just now, in November of this horrible year that is 2020, that some small stuff is able to make it over here.

I love Real Grade kits and was very disappointed when the release for the Force Impulse came and went and I didn’t have my kit. But now I do, 2020 is about to end, and things are looking up!

Oh, RG box art, how I miss you!

This RG box is a tad thicker than it looks.

You can see it has a little more depth than the MG Kyrios box I’m using for comparison.

This kit looks like it will do everything the MG can!

This reminds me that I’ve got a Master Grade Force Impulse kit that I’ve yet to build. I (re)discovered that during my recent move.

The Sword Impulse MG is one of my most favourite Gunpla kits so when the Force Impulse was announced for inclusion in the Real Grade line I was very intrigued and also hopeful for a Sword Impulse version as well.

Plenty of frame parts to be found in this kit.

As well as the different tones to the armour colours.

And the very familiar RG sticker sheet.

That looks intimidating to me now.

I notice that there are some parts on the red runner that Bandai have needed to protect with little walls.

I also notice several of the parts on the frame runners look like they would be poly-caps if this were an MG kit.

Here it is!

I found the B runner. The MS Advanced Joint runner that is part of every Real Grade kit. It’s hard to see it when it’s in the bag so let’s open that bag up.

These MS Advanced Joint runners are becoming quite minimalist.

Here are the Beam Sabre blades.


Manual shots!

Page 8 includes Transformation instructions.

As does page 13.

Page 17 tells you how to make your Impulse Gundam.

I like this page.

Really shows you what this kit can do. Coalescence Mechanism, for the win! Amirite?

And the marking guide caps it all off.

With three kits arrived at the same time it’s tough to know where to start.

There’s an RG release due in January and it’s the RG Zeong! I better build my Force Impulse before the next one arrives.

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  1. GunplaFan says:

    When you finish building this can you do a comparison of this with the HG and MG versions?

  2. stelios says:

    Great kit, little things didn’t sit well for me. The symmetrical feet, those side skirt ball joints and the thickness of the shield that look very big for the scale. Overall the aesthetics are more curvier in comparison with the MG. Had a lot of fun, hope you do as well.

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