Gaijin Gunpla

Ah, the first Playstation. What joy it brought me. The system that gave us so many great games really only interested me for one thing, NHL 97.

The hours my best friend/roommate and I would spend playing this game and its follow-up NHL 98 (and 99, and 00, and…)

Of course, the first Playstation would give me more than just sports games. It brought me RPGs such as Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX, Legend of Dragoon, Star Ocean, and so much more. I’ve been a Playstation fanboy since the One and am loving my 5.

Bandai made a good decision to produce the Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 PlayStation (SCPH-1000) kit for all the fans out there like me.

They also put out a Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 Sega Saturn. Ah, the nostalgia.

This kit was actually on its way to me after it released back in March as the pandemic was just beginning to wreak its havoc. It got stuck at the airport in Tokyo and eventually returned to Sender when planes weren’t flying normal routes into Australia.

It’s interesting timing that it now gets to me now that its great-great-grandchild, the PS5, also found its home next to my TV. (Actually behind it. It’s a monster.)

It looks to be a simple kit but I’m fond of it already.

There’s a listing of what you’ll find in the set on the side of the box.

Only a few runners and the stickers and a fold out manual indicates you could put this together in a couple of hours or less.

I wonder if this version needs to be tilted upright to get the plastic laser to read those disc stickers. Haha!

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