Gaijin Gunpla

The RG Force Impulse starts out interesting and doesn’t appear to let up. I’ve assembled the Core Splendor and Chest and now I’m going to be working on the…


Okay. I wasn’t expecting that.

Rifle is up first.

Then the shield.

Looks like those parts will move.

To put in that yellow cross you have to extend the shield.

Then a handle will snap onto the underside.

Okay, so I can get back to building the body now, right?

Um.. nope.

I’ve got some transforming to do.

Fold up the cockpit hatch to cover the facemask.

Then pull out the arms and swing them forward and underneath allowing you to do this.

This isn’t really my thing. I know that this is a big feature of the Impulse Gundams but I think it looks a little strange. Now this, this is my thing.

Both of them.

Assemble the knee joint for both legs.

There are stickers to be put on here.

Add the start of the kneecap and the frame parts making up the lower leg.

There’s a movable thruster in the calf.

Without armour it bends well.

But that armour must go on. The lower legs get theirs first.

Followed by the thigh.

The feet have quite a few frame parts in their design.

Then three red parts and one white.

The ankle armour is mostly one large part along with two small parts for the edges.

That ball joint there snaps into a frame part which is then inserted into the foot frame.

The hip joints have foil stickers that will be applied during the build.

Looking great but I forgot to finish the knees!

That involves placing on one tiny yellow part and then covering it up with the armour for the front of the knee.


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