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This is the last WIP post for the RG Force Impulse. For a guy with limited time I’ve powered through pretty well. The plan is to get all the assembly finished in one final push and then find time to start preparing for the review.

Tonight starts with the Waist Unit.

Make sure you assemble these parts in the correct order.

Front skirts.

I kind of like that baby blue there.

Rear skirts.

Both front and back connect via ball joints.

Continuing on we assemble the lower torso. That involves snaking this red part up and into position in the white armour piece.

Then we will add some frame parts.

Once they are on, that red part pivots into place and seems to lock things down.

Side skirts.

Oops, I was supposed to put the legs on before attaching the side skirts.

No harm done.

Now I am instructed to transform it.

Wow! So hard!

I was looking forward to this part.

Is it the Silhouette Flyer or is it the Force Silhouette?

Extending frame for the body.

Frame on the bottom and body on the top.

Next, this section!

Now for those red parts that Bandai took great care to protect.

Those go on the top wings.

Add some vent housings…

Is that what those are?

Now for the right wing.

A small red part fits in here as well.

Then the left wing. Here’s a shot to show how much it can fold up.

Add those Beam Sabre handles and holders.

Still more to go.

There’s a small opening that takes an armour part which holds a thruster on the underside.

It was tough to snap it into place. I had to hold it in the position I thought it was supposed to be in and push down with my nippers until I heard the click.

Repeat for the other side and there it is!

To mount this to the smaller fighter you need to extend a small part.

This has tabs that should slide into place in the larger unit.

It was tough to tell if I had aligned everything properly and inserted it enough.

Finish everything off with these.

There are hands just for holding these or you can place them into the side skirts.

Here is everything!

Now to play.

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  1. marco says:

    I really love your reviews man it’s just that I really miss the way you review kits before, you know, with the ratings and pictures of the completed kit itself, those stuff.

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