Gaijin Gunpla

Still a little down about missing out on the first round of the PG Unleashed RX-78-2 but these two kits should keep me occupied for a couple of months until the restocks arrive.

Yup! There are two Ver Ka Master Grades right in front of me.

One, the newest MG, the Wing Gundam Zero EW Ver. Ka which came out last month (November 2020) and the other is the first in what is called the MGEX (Master Grade Extreme)!, the MGEX Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka which was released in September.

Man, does that Unicorn sure look Extreme. An LED lit MG Ver Ka kit with the MS Cage. Should be crazy. But that Wing looks crazy, too!

I’m really excited to have them both but it puts me in a difficult place. Which one do I build first?

Do I go with the Extreme Unicorn, because it’s so extreme? Or do I go with the Wing because it’s only been a month since its release so my WIP posts would be pretty current? But on the other hand, the MGEX is from May so it has seniority? Yet, the Wing build will be faster so I could enjoy that and move onto the Unicorn quickly. But the MGEX is the first of its kind. Shouldn’t I take that into consideration? But the Wing Zero is the Wing Zero!

I don’t know what to do?!

This one first?

Or this one?

One thing is for certain; I should get started soon or I’ll overthink it and run out of time.

I’ll have First Look posts up for both shortly. Maybe going through the boxes will lean me towards one over the other.

I hope so!

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  1. Chall Acustica says:

    Sad we haven’t gotten that G Self Ver.Ka yet and just another Wing

  2. Paul Emical* says:

    A tough choice, no doubt… 😀

    Happy new year, Syd!

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