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I had three new (to me) kits arrive and had to decide which to assemble first. I went with my first impulse. The RG Force Impulse to be more precise.

Sure I was kind of in the middle of the RG Evangelion Unit-01 DX Transport Platform Set but I put that (back) aside when I was notified these new kits were coming.

Building this RG, you don’t start out with the feet like many other kits in the line. Instead you’re going with the…

Core Splendor!

Interesting thing about this version of the Core Splendor is that it starts by using a piece of the RG Advanced MS Joint runner.

There are only two parts on this runner for this RG kit so you’ve got a 50/50 chance to pull off the right one if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t follow the manual too carefully.

First step is to unbend this bent-jointed runner.

Then add the parts to make up the cockpit and nose.

Cut off a blue piece and add wings to both sides.

Then, together with a second blue piece, join the body together with the nose.

Two small upper wings go on the top.

Flip it over and add missiles.

That wasn’t hard at all. Let’s move on to the…

Chest Unit!

This has the second of the two parts from the B runner. That sprue can now be tossed.

It’s tough to see here but the manual has you position the joints of this part a specific way before you start adding parts.

You’ll need to put together the openable cockpit hatch.

Some yellow parts slide on behind the vents before adding the hatch.

Add some colour to the upper chest area.

Now some regular frame parts will be employed. This involves two halves to make up the main frame and then some smaller parts which will be for the shoulder joints.

The collar and the neck part are next.

Collar section will go on top of the main frame.

Blue side armour goes on at this point.

Looks good so far.

Each shoulder also gets a ball joint.

These have stickers that need to be applied.

Plug them into what is already there for the shoulder and swing them into position.

Red part for the bottom.

That was nice and easy. So let’s move on to the…


You can see the Arm Units are built x 2, both arms simultaneously, to start.

Elbow joint.

Foil stickers are involved.

Two parts of armour for the upper arm go on now. One from above and one from below. Accompanied by one part for the back of the elbow.

A frame part and its armour covers are next.

The frame part here will be what the shoulders attach to. Those shoulder units start with these parts.

You’ll assemble the top armour panel first and from there piece together the front and rear panels before putting them all together around that frame.

The only thing differentiating the right arm from the left arm is the hand parts.

Pop those onto the main body.

Now for the head. Start that tiny thing with the white facemask and two… two?! small red parts.

These are small and hard to slide into place. Why couldn’t it just be one part?

This will slide onto the frame part for the head. The clear part which takes the eye and senor stickers also goes on now.

The side armour parts then go on.

Then V fin.

Yes, please. Give me more of this.

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  1. Chall Acustica says:

    Impulse has a really nice sharp silhouette, very underrated design.

  2. Sir pog says:

    Let’s go! You’re back at it again!

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