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When the PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam was announced I wrote how excited I was.

Well, today is the day the kit released in Japan. And I am still excited. However, I can’t get one! I get my kits from HobbyLink Japan but they didn’t have enough in the first batch to fill all orders. Doh! So I thought I’d look at alternative sources. My good friend, ASM, told me that all preorders were sold out everywhere so my hopes dimmed. Then he sent me this.

According to ASM, he had been to seven different stores and none had any for sale but he made some calls and found one at a store a further 30 minutes away and off he went.

So, I won’t have this kit until restocks come (possibly February?) but ASM offered to send me images that can be used as an unboxing (First Look here on Gaijin Gunpla) so we can show everyone what’s inside.

Funny, somewhat related story, ASM and I spent a lot of time together in Japan. We have the same interests, think in much the same ways, and relate well. I guess that’s another way of saying he’s one of my best friends. We even ordered our PS5’s at the same time. We both watched for our shipping notifications the day before launch and he got his but I didn’t get mine. His arrived on launch day and he knew I was bummed that mine hadn’t shipped at the time so he did an unboxing video call for me so I could share in the excitement of a launch day PS5. That’s a friend right there.

So let me share with you what he has generously shared with me.

Look at that box! Look at it!

I’ve written before how I really appreciate how Bandai designs the packaging for their Perfect Grade kits and the Unleashed’s is more of that.

It’s just a gorgeous box that beckons you to come build it. Regarding the box size…

There it is next to the MG Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka, a big thick MG box in its own right. The RX-78-2 isn’t a particular big MS so this box size looks to be the same as we’ve seen with the PG Strike and Exia.

Open up that box.

The box doesn’t seem to jam packed and that’s okay.

Here’s your markings.

Here is the Poly-cap runner.

Good to see there’s not many used here.

The beautiful manual.

Last page is the marking guide.

“Plated parts galore!”, ASM texted me when he sent the pics.

That looks very nice.

And metal thrusters!

Is that the LED beam sabre handle I see?

Oh man! I waited until December and now I’ve got to wait until February (at least). I can do it. I can do it. It will make it that much sweeter when it finally lands in my hands.

Well done, ASM!

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  1. Joew says:

    Same here, might have to wait until February…

  2. lupes says:

    Glad to see Rob is still building and y’all are still in touch! 😀 Kit looks fantastic.

  3. Sam says:

    Hi S2!

    I’m in the same boat! Tried ordering one from HLJ when they first released but didn’t get the first batch 🙁

    As I’m in Australia, this local model store said their earliest would be late January and I have already placed a pre-order and deposit!

    Let me know if you get your’s soon !

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