Gaijin Gunpla

Here it is!

The RX-78-2 from Bandai!

No, not that RX-78-2. I’m still hoping I can close my eyes and wake up in February when the restocks should be coming in.

This new one (to me) is the HG RX-78-2 Gundam(Beyond Global), one of three new (again, new to me) kits that I got in my first shipment of Gunpla kits in a long time.

Feeling the disappointment of not being able to build the new Perfect Grade RX, I thought I’d look at the newest HG version of grand-daddy Gundam.

It’s not a very big kit, and I’ve still got an MG Kyrios waiting for me so when I sat down to put together this HG I set aside what I hoped would be enough time to build it in one shot.

Did I do it?

This kit was promoted as having even greater articulation and posability than previous versions of the HG and I sure hope it does otherwise why bother to produce it? I guess this year being the 40th anniversary of Gunpla may have something to do with it.

The torso starts out without poly-caps but instead some oddly shaped parts fitted onto pegs sticking out from the underside of a frame.
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Once on they are folded towards the frame part in the center and other frame parts that look like they’ll be joints are added.

Those frame ball joints then also fold down.

Here is how the front vents are designed.

That will then be added to the frame/joint area you’ve already been working on.

Follow that up with a frame part and its red armour companion for the lower torso area.

You’ll next add a frame part to a peg on the red armour and then add an upper armour piece.

The lower section will clip onto the center of the upper chest you’ve already assembled and then swing down into place.

Neck and collar are next.

Those go on along with the blue armour for the cockpit hatch.

The backpack is made up of only two parts.

Add the Beam Sabre handles once that’s done.

Now for the head. You’ve got to put on the only sticker in the whole kit here.

Then the facemask can go on and when that’s in place the enter head armour, only one part, drops on from above followed by the visor/V-fin section.

There’s the familiar fella.

Now for the arms and these are done x 2.

Get the elbow joint done and then surround it in armour.

The cuff is its own frame part and armour piece.

The hands are what differentiate right from left at this point.

There’s also a frame part that snaps in at the top of the arm and whether the arm is the right arm or the left arm will determine which way that part faces.

This is interesting. That frame part at the top of the arm drops onto the ball joint sticking out of either side of the torso.

Once the arm is on the ball rotate it and then secure it on by sliding on one final armour part.

The shoulder armour then slides on from above once you’ve brought the arms down into their natural position.

Once the upper body assembly is complete the manual makes a point of showing you what kind of stuff it can do.

But I figured I would play around with that later. I wanted to keep going while I was in a bit of a groove.

The waist unit frame is similar to what we see in MG kits or even in PG kits.

Each leg peg is one separate part that joins onto the main frame piece meaning that for this HG the legs can move at angles independent of the other.

Once those peg parts are in place their secured with a frame part going on to the underside.

Spin it back upright and add the yellow piece that will make up both the yellow squares of the back skirts.

That clicks on then pivots down, being secured by the single white armour part that goes on there.

The side skirts are similar in that they have one part snapping into place, pivoting down, and then being secured by the smaller follow up armour piece.

The front center block uses a small yellow part to make the little V at the center. That yellow part slides into the slightly larger red piece which is then inserted into the back of the white piece.

For the front skirts you’re given one yellow piece and instructed to cut it in half.

Then you will add the white parts.

Everything opens fairly wide.

It is here that I had to pack it up and stop for the night. But that doesn’t mean you readers have to do the same. I managed to sit down again the next night and finish this kit off so why not continue with the idea of having the entire build in one post?


Frame part that looks like a poly-cap sits in the red piece which makes up the bottom of the foot. It has to sit at a 45 degree angel while you add the top white part of the foot.

Into that frame part you’ll insert the frame section parts that will make up the ankle.

And onto that ankle frame you’ll add the ankle armour.

Put the feet aside and grab the frame runners and get ready to build the legs. Here are the parts for the knee and upper leg.

You’ll slide that into the armour part that is meant for the back of the upper leg. Into that armour part you’ll also add the frame part that will eventually connect to the hip joint.

It is how you place that frame part which will determine if this is the right or left leg. The manual has you building the legs separately.

Armour circles for the sides of the knee go on at this point.

Then you add the armour for the lower leg.

There are no frame parts used here.

Add the remaining armour parts needed to complete the leg.

The construct the hip joint from two frame parts. Right and left leg joints are different only by which way you’ll point the second part.


I think he looks quite dashing.

I’ll play with him later. Now I want to finish off the last of the kit, the weapons.

Beam Rifle.

The yellow part for the scope actually extends through the scope housing.

Shield has some interestingly shaped parts.

This next part goes on and is used to connect the shield to the lower arm.

There’s also a handle part that slides on. The peg that slides in is square-shaped and can’t rotate like on other kits. You’ll have to choose which way you want that handle to be orientated and change it later if you want to have it the other way.

Okay, he’s done (WIP posted) in one shot. Now to have some fun.

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  1. Elijah says:

    Fantastic looking little kit. Thanks Syd!

  2. Toji says:

    Ordered the p-bandai G3 version recently. However, I don’t get why they chose not to include the bazooka for this set. Considering the price, throwing in some extra parts for it wouldn’t have that difficult.

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