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Ran out of time in my last build session to work on the Wing Gundam Zero EW Ver. Ka‘s legs, usually the most time-consuming/part-intensive portion of a build.

I’m thinking with this kit that will likely be the Wings/backpack but I won’t know until those are done as well. For now, the legs!

These three parts start the leg section and only make up the kneecap.

Looks like that kneecap will have two sections.

Here are the frame parts for the upper leg.

The kneecap is inserted at the bottom.

More frame parts are then added to complete the upper leg frame, except for the hip joint.

We are building x 2 for now so that hip joint won’t come in later when the manual makes the distinction between right and left.

You can see how things work in that upper frame.

The process is repeated for the long lower leg frame parts.

When the parts are in place you are instructed to push the kneecap in, however if you just push on the larger kneecap frame part the one small part that connects the kneecap to the frame won’t move and will be out of position.

Use your thumb to push that small part in as well

Armour for the upper leg and front of the lower area go on first.

Note the gap between the front and back upper armour parts.

This is how it is meant to look. At first I thought I hadn’t aligned them correctly but I checked images in the manual of the completed kit and the leg looks the same there.

Now for kneecap armour.

On the back of the calf a small, movable frame part to each side.

Armour for the sides of the lower leg come next.

Now to place into position the armour for the back of the lower leg and then to add armour to each of the small, movable frame parts you inserted into the back of the leg.

You have to align the pegs correctly to get them in completely or the armour won’t align.

Two hip joints coming up.

And the only difference between the legs is which way that hip joint faces when you plug it in.

Look at these beauties.


When you bend the knee to it utmost point the two movable armour panels at the back of the lower leg spread apart to accommodate it.

Now all I have left is the Waist and my body is complete.

Here’s how that starts.

The hip joint peg is a small part fitted onto a cylinder allowing it to pivot up and down. That cylinder is a separate part that fits into the frame allowing it to move forward and back.

You can see the distance that cylinder can travel front to back.

Add one part to the center of the frame before joining the hip peg sections together.

Grab the frame part that is the top of the waist and add two moving parts to each side.

Next assemble the front skirts.

The two blue parts here are quite small and must fit together a certain way.

I found it easiest to put the smallest part flat on the table and then line up the large part and push it down onto that small part.

A red square slides onto a blue square.

The skirt ball joints drop into their places on the upper frame and then that square secures them there.

The whole thing is then dropped onto the main frame section and a blue armour part goes on for the bottom of the centre block.

Now for the rear skirts.

The ball joints for these fit into the armour part that makes up the back centre block.

The small armour part you see there then goes on to cover up a hollow back there.

It seems to me that that hollow is used for the connection to the base. I can’t see another way that would connect.

Now I’m going to work on the…

Lower Body?

This must be like when I assembled the Upper Body by building shoulders, but this time I’m building side skirts.

It’s Lower Body time!

The Ver Ka Wing Zero is sexy.

Once done I thought I’d see if I could replicate the manual images. I really like this one.

I was mainly wanting to check out the lower legs and because I didn’t have a rifle assembled onto which the Wing would support some weight I had to use a sprue instead.

The two-part knee design.

I like it.

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