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This year is the 40th Anniversary of Gunpla and Bandai wants to celebrate it in a big way. They have chosen to do that by releasing a new line of Gunpla, a take on the MG line which they call the MGEX or Master Grade Extreme! line. It looks like they’re taking Mobile Suits previously released in the Master Grade line and turning the dial up to 11.

For the initial release, Bandai has opted to go with the Unicorn Gundam in a Katoki version.

This makes sense… the Unicorn Gundam is vastly under-represented in the Master Grade line. The first MG Unicorn kit released was the Ver Ka back in 2007 and a Titanium version not long after. Since then we’ve only had…

a Unicorn Gundam OVA Version.
a Unicorn Gundam HD Color + MS Cage.
an FA Unicorn Ver. Ka.
a Unicorn 3 Phenex.
and a Unicorn Gundam (Red or Green Frame Twin Frame) Titanium Finish.

I think we are due!

Thus we have the MGEX Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka.

He’s a monster!

That LED intrigues me. I make no secrets of my love for the PG Unicorn and its LED set. This one should be interesting, too. I am not the only one who will like it. I have two little people running around my home who are enjoying the LED gimmicks on the PG Exia [Lighting Model]. I think they’ll enjoy this one just as much. They still won’t get to play with any of them, though.

And we got weapons.

I see that this kit can do this.

And also this.

I never picked up the MS Cage Unicorn kit despite the temptation to do so over the years. My waiting has paid off.

Here are the contents of the big box.

There are too many runners to take out and spread over the floor like I usually do so I’ll just show what I found interesting as I flipped through the runner bags.

Like this!

What sorcery is this?

Oh, I see you in the corner there.

I’ll come for you later.

If you’ve built any of the many MG Unicorns you’ll recognize a lot of the runners and parts but what stood out to me right away is that many of those recognizable parts are moulded in clear parts.

There are also semi-transparent parts.

Here are parts I know too well.

I’ll just look at the runner label to confirm my suspicions that these are

entirely new?!

I looked at many if not all of the armour runners and they all said MGEX Unicorn. They redid the entire thing!

Oh, Hi. You’re new.

Here are the decals.

Looks like you may be called upon to make some choices.

I’ll just post my usual complaint about Ver. Ka kits now to get it out of the way; Why don’t you, Bandai, provide stickers for those snap-builders who don’t have confidence in their waterslide decal skills?!

Foils look the same.

They do say MGEX, too, however.

Okay, now what’s this?

I know what you are.

The shields have clear parts involved now.

But the weapon runners are from the MG Unicorn and are not labelled as MGEX.

This is as it should be. There’s no reason to redesign them if they’re not utilizing the LED.

But were there PC parts in the MG Unicorn kits before?

Maybe these have something to do with the MS Cage. Time will tell.

So let’s pop open that LED Unit box.

This small set of wires has lights on one end of the coil and connectors on the other.

Can’t wait to unstring that and set it up. To think I’m taking my Christmas tree down in a couple of days (or tomorrow if she who must be obeyed insists) so once that’s gone I can set this up and have some blinky Christmas colours around.

Manual (one of my favourite parts of a Ver Ka MG First Look)

Love Unicorn Mode!

Runner list.

There are some Xs indicating unused parts but only very few.

The build starts out all crazy, or should I say Extreme!

Oooh. Enticing!

Take a break from LED mayhem and enjoy an interview with Mr. Katoki himself.

I find this heading amusing.

Yes, we must begin it again because… we must!

Is it like Sony and the Spiderman rights? Use it or lose it?

Marking Guide!

Roll credits.

So another MG Unicorn and another Ver Ka at that. But remember, this one is…


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  1. Stephen says:

    What a hefty box…with a hefty price tag! Looking forward to your thoughts Syd!

    You also missed the MG Banshee OVA (with the crab hand) and the MG Banshee ver Ka in that list XD

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