Gaijin Gunpla

Remember when I wrote in this post about the dilemma of having to choose between starting to build the Wing Gundam Zero EW Ver. Ka or the MGEX Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>MGEX Unicorn Ver Ka.

Well, I think you can see that I’ve gone with the Wing. Although that MGEX is all new, it’s still a Unicorn and I have several of those builds under my belt. I don’t have the same experience with the Wing Zero. Unicorn will wait though I don’t think it will be waiting too long.

I have no idea what to expect when it comes to the design and engineering of this new MG so I’m as excited as I’m sure many of you are.

Let’s go!

Build starts out with the torso and for that I’m using the G runner.

This is a single runner with parts which seem to be mostly one of a kind unlike the other frame runners which have two of each. I also notice that the G frame runner is different from all the other frame runners in another way.

It’s ABS while the rest are PS.

G runner parts look to be designed to go together and provide rigidity but also some movement of the frame.

Several parts went together just to form what looks to be
the midsection of the chest.

Here is the pilot in the seat frame piece which also takes that round green sticker.

Set the driver aside and grab these G parts.

Then set that aside and find these next two pieces.

Slide the smaller part up onto the peg which points down from the middle of the larger part and once it’s on rotate it as far as it can go one way.

Take what you first assembled and slide that onto a peg on the inside of the part you just handled and also add another section you completed.

With everything in place it will look like this.

One more movable part is added at the top and then you’ll prepare the frame for the opposite side but before closing everything up you’ll have to put the cockpit in place.

I found it tricky to get everything closed tightly together because the cockpit piece just lays inside and can come out if you’re holding the whole thing wrong.

But when you’re done!


That was a fair bit of assembly and you can now bring in the blue armour parts.

Create the rotating peg joint and slide it up onto the blue piece.

Now for another blue part that will go on from below but before you do that you’ve got to insert another blue part that is a different blue.

With the little blue piece in place you slide that lower blue piece up into the round frame part that is sticking out the side of the chest frame.

Then add the top.

Onto the top blue pieces, similar to what you were made to do with the lower ones, you add a lighter blue piece.

Then the red parts for the lower torso are added to the front and then back.

And here’s a shot to show that the little, lighter, blue part that you inserted at the bottom comes out.

I don’t think I have done anything incorrectly, but moreso that the connection for that little blue part is shallow and it, and the one for the other side also, can come off while you’re handling the torso.

Onto the top of the torso you will add some blue parts and also some small frame parts.

Blue armour parts go onto the center, cockpit, of the torso from top and bottom.

The connection is nicely designed so that you can’t accidentally put these parts on facing the wrong way.


The shoulder Vulcans are next.

Then the collar.

Then the neck is assembled using both white armour parts and a frame part.

You’ll drop a red ring into the hollow for the neck.

There’s the torso done!

That was fun. I kept going.

With the head the red chin part is inserted into the back o of the facemask.

Then a white part is added to the top of the facemask, giving it some depth, before putting it onto a clear part.

That clear part takes the eye sticker but I don’t usually put those eye stickers on until the facemask is in place. This gives me a better idea of where the sticker needs to go.

Onto the face you add the clear part which will make up the sensors on the front and back of the head.

Place it in between the side armour parts.

The wing has two, well, wings on each side of the head. Here is how you assemble one of them.

It will go onto the side of the head first and then another one which is just one piece, goes on.

The sensor stickers go on at this point.

Check this out.


Add the last armour part and that unique V fin.

Was enjoying the first build session so much I kept going.

Upper arm sections.

Elbow frames.

Armour for the upper arm.

Those were all built x 2. Now it’s time to focus on the right arm.

The lower arm has a unique frame part inserted a certain way between the armour parts.

The lower arm then plugs onto the peg sticking out the elbow joint while adding the cuff at the bottom.

Around that you’ll add two blue parts.

Notice that…


At this point I prepared the sticker part for both arms.

One of these was used in the next step.

Before you can place that onto the side of the arm you first have to add a dark blue piece.

Then finish it off with the hand.

I like Bandai’s swappable-finger-part design and am happy to see it used here.

So far very Wing Zero and very Ver. Ka.

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