Gaijin Gunpla

Continuing on with the Wing Gundam Zero EW Ver. Ka has me working on the (checks manual)…

Upper Body?

Haven’t I been building that this whole time? I guess they mean I am finishing up the Upper Body which really only needs the very distinctive Wing Zero shoulders.

We’re building x2 starting with the frame parts.

And prepping this part.

That section will fit into the frame part for one side of the shoulder and then the shoulder connection section slides in insideit. This allows that rail space to move.

Before you close the shoulder up you’ll add one more frame part to the inside.

You should have this much of both shoulders before the manual makes the distinction between them.

To complete the right shoulder you’ll first add the white armour parts at the base of the shoulder.

And then you need to make the circle.

Note how the connection can only be one way. This ensures that it will always be placed correctly.

Stack these.

Now place the circle and the stack on while also adding another armour part to the outer top portion of the shoulder.

When that’s done assemble the left shoulder.

This shot is to show some movement that these shoulder segments have.

Put the shoulders onto the pegs on the torso before putting on the arms.

There’s that piece falling off again.

Shoulders and arms fit nice and tight.

Moving on to the good stuff!

Going x2 here, of course.


I made a mistake here and added the bottom red part too early.

You’re meant to add some more frame parts, making up the start of the ankle connection, before adding any red.

Fortunately, there was no harm done.

So I continued adding red.

And a white.

More frame parts go on the top of the foot at the ankle.

Looks like the connection to the leg will be a ball joint.

White armour parts are then placed around that upper frame.

Finish the feet off by adding a frame part and its companion armour piece to the ankle.

I really wanted to continue but it was getting late. I knew I couldn’t squeeze in the entire leg construction with the amount of build time I had remaining so I called it a night.

That means when I pick it back up again I’ll be hitting the good stuff!

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