Gaijin Gunpla

Look what Bandai and Mr. Katoki Hajime have come up with this time!

Yes, it’s the Wing Gundam Zero EW Ver. Ka and it looks beautiful. The Ver Ka kit designs always look beautiful but they also look a little menacing. The way he uses lines and edges gives them some heft. There’s already been a Ver Ka Wing Gundam kit back in 2004 (!), and wasn’t that rereleased in 2011 as the XXXG-01W Wing Gundam EW Ver?

Also, 2004 was the year Bandai released the MG Wing Zero Endless Waltz Ver kit which is a much beloved MS and a fan favourite MG kit. It was due for a refresh, or a 2.0 so Bandai knew to do this they would need to do it right. I guess that’s where Mr. Katoki came in.

From appearances it looks like Katoki-san worked his magic.

It’s a beauty.

The Neo-Bird Form has both an In-Atmosphere and an Outside-Atmosphere Mode? Did I know that before? Well, I do now!

Open up the box and, not unexpectedly, I see a lot of wings.

I also see a few foils.

Wing parts.

Look at all those markings!

I’ll just post my usual complaint about Ver. Ka kits now to get it out of the way; Why don’t you, Bandai, provide stickers for those snap-builders who don’t have confidence in their waterslide decal skills?!

Okay, allow me to continue. On the opposite side of that large marking sheet is this!

A display base! Oh, you just got your points back, Bandai. This is most welcome.

Here’s the entire box contents in one shot (minus the manual).

Things I noticed while setting that shot up:

Clear parts.

More wing parts so here is a shot of all runners which contain white wing parts.

And here’s the manual.

Oh, Mr. Zero looks mean there.

I do love me some Ver Ka MG instruction manuals.

Runner list.

Just a shot of one of the Wing assembly pages.

Here’s the good stuff.

The translation of the red text in the top left reads, “Tasks that must be taken on after 23 years.

I found this part interesting.

Here’s where the transformation starts.

And here’s the marking guide!

The end.

But what do I do?

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  1. Arno_Bledd says:

    Just my opinion, but I prefer watermarks to stickers: if you miss the stickers it’s over, with watermarks you can correct with a drop of water.

    • S2 says:

      I prefer watermarks as well but applying them requires more skill than just pressing down on a sticker. Maintenance also often requires topcoating. Not all builders have those skills or tools or time.

      • Cloudrunner62 says:

        I’m in the middle between them. For the larger decals, I’m good with waterslides, but the tiny ones are a freaking pita. I honestly preferred the old dry transfer for some of those…on certain kits. (Insert nightmare memories of learning how to use dry transfers on the Sinanju)

      • MDH says:

        Having done a few waterslides (including the dreaded Hi-Nu Ver. Ka. funnels), I definitely find stickers to be a lot easier, plus there isn’t the same risk of tearing them when you’re placing them. Not to mention that not everyone is going to have the option of topcoating – as a Canadian living in a small apartment, I’m forced to wait until spring/summer to topcoat (and even then, I can’t do it if it’s too humid outside).

  2. Perry says:

    I finished this kit over Christmas break and it’s great! However, I’m only a beginner builder and I took a long hiatus between 2003 until now. Those water slide decals although better detailed than standard stickers are a real pain to apply properly and there are so many tiny ones!

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