Gaijin Gunpla

Okay, this is what we all came for.

The Wing section of the Wing Gundam Zero EW Ver. Ka‘s build!

When people think Wing Zero they think of these.

The Wing Units!

First part of the Wing assembly has you assembling two of everything and that means I need the two of these runners.

Assembly starts with taking two parts, each with two wing feathers, and combining them.

Then this wing part fits into a small frame piece.

Note how they go together.

This frame part then joins with the feather segments you combined one step before.

Now for a frame arm.

A small frame part fits inside before that is closed up.

And then you grab the last parts from those Wing runners.

These pieces are large and all gates are undergates.

The Wing assembly you’ve got and the frame arm both fit inside one of the large Wing parts.

Note how that small wing sections moves inside the larger one.

Here’s how it should line up when you close it up.

Oh ya!

With those two assembled we now, finally, get to the biggest runner in the whole kit.

Now we build the a Wing for one side and then we build the other.

Grab one interesting looking part from there and add a very, non-feathery looking piece.

The manual says to swing that small part underneath.

Now to add all the feathers.

Each one is different.

When they are all in place you can close it up.

It’s a bit tricky to line up but I found turning it over helped see where things should be going and then a satisfying snap was heard as everything snapped into place.

At the top of the underside of the wing you’re adding a sort of T-bar and then two pieces fit around one end of that.

Swing that added wing inwards.

No, actually it is meant to be almost fully swung out.

You can see the shape of the inside part of this section looks like teeth on a gear.

Add two more wings parts to the opposide side of the T-bar. A small feather fits in here as well.

Similar looking gear type teeth are found on a part here and they line up with the other.

Secure these in place with the final part of the right wing.

That looks pretty awesome.


These remind me of something. I won’t describe that… yet.

To get these on the body of the Wing Zero I’ll need to assemble the backpack. Let’s do that now!

Two frame parts are inserted into the blue armour part of the backpack.

Two of these are next.

The parts are the same except for the bottom pieces which are the parts that connect to the main backpack.

You can see how slots are used to make the connection.

Now for two arms.

All that’s left is to attach the backpack to the Wing Zero and then attach the Wings.

But I’m not ready to do that yet.

I am enjoying the look of the Wing Zero without the Wings attached. I guess that makes my kit the Zero. I’ll leave them off for a little longer while I build the remaining weapons and stand. When I’m ready I’ll be able to attach the wings and mount it on the stand and admire the Wing Zero in its full glory.

Won’t be long now!

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  1. Chall Acustica says:

    It looks better without the wings honestly

  2. Victor says:

    I really love your WIP photos. It’s like a build video but only in pictures. By any chance, do you still keep in touch with rrobbert184? I would love to see a collaboration between you two.

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