Gaijin Gunpla

We are wrapping up the Wing Gundam Zero EW Ver. Ka build with its action base.

That was easy.

Now for the last stint.

Twin Buster Rifles!

Grab one side of the right rifle and plug in a second part that can swing out and in.

Leave it out for now.

Grab these two very small parts and join them together.

(Disclaimer: the bottom part is upside down in this photo and has since been corrected.)

This will plug into the back end of the rifle4

These four parts, one of which takes a sticker, make up the scope.

The curved part fits into the top part by sliding it into a groove from below.

Then it is held in place when the bottom part, now attached to the stickered part, goes in.

That plugs onto the front portion of this section of rifle and then the two sides are joined together.

sandwich the small hook piece between the two panels.

Then hook it onto the side of the rifle.

Complete the barrel which is actually made up of four pieces.

It then clips onto the body of the rifle.

It is secured in position with the part that was used in the first step of the rifle assembly.

Repeat for the left rifle which has the locking mechanism, etc., on the opposite side.

You can see the tab that inserts itself into a small slot locking things in place.

Twin Busters complete.

Now for some more fun.

These two parts snap together.

Three other small parts also snap together to form a longer, multi-jointed, arm.

This then joins with the first section.

This will snap onto the larger shield frame piece. At this step you’re also adding two small frame parts to the underside of that shield.

They can only slot into place one way so you can’t mix up the sides.

That longer part snaps in near the bottom of that frame.

Then some fun begins. Fold it over completely.

Then at the fold it so it sticks out at 90 degrees.

Then fold it again so it fits into the curved underside of the shield.

Two hooks go on, one on each side.

Each hook is distinct from the other and to prevent the builder from putting it on the wrong side they made the connection work by offsetting the gap in the rod.

A frame part fits onto the top end of the shield and then swings down overtop.

Now we finally add armour. First we need to assemble this.

More little gears are at work here.

You’ll place the frame into the underside of the largest armour part.

Then the geared fins go on the underside.

A small clear part goes on before the large blue piece.

That clear part needs to be stickered.

When working on something small like this I usually put it in its final position before going for the sticker and then I can hold the larger piece, keeping my fingers off the part to be stickered while I line everything up.

And here it is.

And here they are!

So now I guess it’s time.

One last look at a wingless Wing Zero.

I like it. But he needs his wings.

You’re meant to put the backpack on first and then snap the wings on but I did it in reverse order.


And here is the Wing Zero.

And, unfortunately, he can’t stand up with those wings on.

Which means he needs his base. To get him on there in MS form I need this part from the H runner.

It fits in behind that frame part on the bottom of the rear skirt.

And here he is.

And this pose.

This reminds me of something…

Oh, man. If I was still modding Gunpla like the old days I would turn the new Wing Zero Ver Ka into a Valkyrie.

Someone make this happen!

6 Responses so far.

  1. Alberto from Italy says:

    Dear Syd, that shield does look like the MG Wing Zero EW Ka’s with a different arm connection and without the extending edge arm…

    Even the shoulder frames remind me of the WZEWKA’s, so do the split knees.

    Is this kit most recycled? If it is, can we consider it “well” recycled?

    • stephen says:

      The kit *is* 100% brand new. Slight typo there.

    • Kratos says:

      This *is* the Wing Zero EW verKa. I’m not sure what other kit you’re talking about – but it’s absolutely quite different from the past Wing Zero Custom, as well as the older Wing Gundam verKa.

  2. Alberto from Italy says:

    The one Syd is talking about now is the MG Wing Zero EW CUSTOM ver. Ka.

    I am talking about the MG Wing Zero EW PROTO ver. Ka released around 2013/2014 (standard coloured box even if revisited by Kaotoki).

    The shields look similar (Proto’s has got an extending edge and is red instead), the shoulder frames look similar, the knee split articulations look the same jus with different armours…

    I hope Syd will explain if the kits enjoy different frames or not, or if the recycled frame works splendidly ad it did in the Proto kit.

    If I’m not wrong, Syd reviewed the Wing Zero Proto EW ver. Ka along with the old Wing Zero Custom, the more recent Wing EW ver. Ka and the standard Wing.

    Ok… There are a bit too many Wings here around not to make a mess…

    Here they are:

  3. lupes says:

    I just wrapped up my painted build for this kit ( if I may~)….message received about turning one in to a Valkyrie. 😉

    Had a great time with this kit

  4. Paul Emical* says:

    Even if it’snot a Valkyrie, a modeler from Indonesia actually build something similar for GBWC 2016:

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