Gaijin Gunpla

We are in the home stretch of the MGEX Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka build.

Well, the MS portion of the kit anyway.

First he needs this.

Head assembly of an MG Unicorn is something I feel I remember very well but this one is likely to be very different.

First of all, it starts with these parts.

I’m told I can put stickers on there.

Wait a moment.

“Choose a sticker and put it on as I like?” Well, if it’s going to be lit up by an LED that means I can choose no sticker at all, right?

Next is the Unicorn Mode faceplate.

There’s a sticker for the eyes here.

That fits onto a clear part that sits under the crown of the head which you assembled first.

It was tricky to line up but I got it.

Now for a very small frame part which I realised while I was assembling it represents the vulcans.

That is tricky to get up in there correctly.

Set what you’ve got so far to aside while you put this small frame part through the LED strip.

Here are the eyes for the Destroy Mode.

This has to join up with that part floating on the LED strip. I don’t want to have to handle the whole body while working on the head so I’m leaving it mounted on the base.

Some bending needs to take place.


Go back to the head and attach a clear part which also has half the neck ball joint on it.

Join that to the small frame/Destroy Eyes that are on the LED strip.

It’s at this step that we add the Destroy Mode facemask.

It hides itself behind the Unicorn Mode one.

These side parts look very much like those on the other Unicorns.

I looked at this head and thought to myself, ‘Hey wait. Why do I need that Unicorn Mode green eye sticker on there if I have LEDs?” So I took it off.

Light ’em up!

That’s a lot of green.

Now for my choice of V fin; separate parts with stickers, or a swappable single part.

Swappable all the way.

It just slides in from the side without the need to move anything first.

Manual shows you the range of motion of the head you’re restricted to in order to protect the LED strip.

Last part of the body!

I expect this to be very similar to previous MG kits. What reason would Bandai have to change it?

Maybe the only difference is using clear parts rather than frame parts?

Here’s the back of the Unicorn without the backpack.

And here is it with the backpack in place.

And you know what? I skipped the skirts section!


Front skirts.

Side skirts.

Rear skirts.

While the side skirts are the same design as previously the rears are changed slightly to incorporate a space of clear plastic rather than the back being all frame.

Mounts for the thrusters are clear as well.

I’ll put the rears on first.

Then the sides.

And, finally, the fronts.

That green in head bothers me a little. Yes, the sensors and eyes should be green but when it’s in its Destroy Mode the whole body is red and the eyes in Destroy Mode as well, but there’s still the green all over the head.

I popped it slightly apart to see if I missed anything.

More red seems to show when you’ve transformed the head. I guess I won’t have an idea how it looks without doing the full transformation.

With the stickers not used the sensors look good though.

And with that eye sticker gone…

That will come in time. For now I have to think about whether I want to tackle the next section.

Or first do something a little more exciting to me.

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