Gaijin Gunpla

Now on to the arms of the MGEX Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka.

I should expect all kinds of craziness with this LED strip.

I’ll be using this as-of-yet untouched runner.

First part from there joins to a clear part from the K runner and then slides along the strip for the arm.

Once in place add some frame parts similar to how you started construction of the legs.

The armour is from a runner that also hasn’t been touched yet.

First part from that runner snaps onto the end of the shoulder.

Then another part is used and slit up along the strip to the shoulder.

Now I need to prepare the LED strip with the ‘mountains’ and ‘valley’ folds.

Got it.


Then flip the bottom part over.

Did it!


I sure hope so because I’ve got to place the next frame part very carefully.

It’s hard to see what I’m doing here so I’ll show you the manual images that showed me what I needed to do.

That wasn’t simple.

Now for some frame parts that seem to part of the elbow joint.

Interestingly, you’re building the lower part of the arm around the LED strip and it’s just hanging there not attached to the upper arm.

Put the frame onto the peg in the armour to secure it and then bend the elbow all the way.

Once it’s bent slide on the other armour part for the top of the arm.

Bending the elbow takes up the slack on the LED strip there so that armour part can slide on without snagging the strip.

Now for some clear and not-so-clear parts.

These make up the forearm and once joined will attach to the bottom of the elbow.

After they’re on you add the armour and the frame part that are the end of the arm.

Then you’ll handle the last area.

This last area is not easy.

That LED strip is to be bent in a specific way so the LED light sits in a specific position once the frame parts are in place.

Like this. or Like this?

Looks at manual again.

Like this? or Like this!

The first time I had this together it didn’t look like the light was in the right spot so I took it part and tried again. Trying to hold a very small section of a very thin strip in a certain spot while also handling two other parts was not easy.

Once I was satisfied I could add the armour, and Beam Sabre handle, and finish things off.

All that was left was the hand.

The previous version of the MG Unicorns did not have these hands but rather the hands with the individual fingers so this is a different design choice.

But even though I am familiar with these hands Bandai changed things up!

See the armour piece here? It has it’s own ball joint!

When these hands were used in previous kits there were situations where, when trying to move the hand/weapon the hand would come apart just below the ball joint. This new design eliminates that.

Well done, Bandai.

And you also have the fixed hand as well.

So now my Unicorn looks like this.

But he lacks shoulders.

First these parts.

Then these.

Slide them together.

Add the sides.

Some small armour parts slide onto the end of the shoulders.

Then the last frame and armour parts go on to finish things off.

There is a clip on the inside end of the shoulder which snaps onto the top of the arm where it joins the chest.

Due to the LED being inside the kit you’ll need to be careful how you move the arm. The manual shows you the restricted range of motion.

Oh we are so close!

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  1. Paul Emical* says:

    This kit seems more and more truly awesome, but it’s way too pricey IMHO, even when compared to the more recent PGs.
    I’m hoping Bandai would consider selling a version of this MGEX without the internal LED system and with a colored psychoframe. That would essentially be a sort of 2.0 Unicorn, and they could be making all sorts of crazy versions again, like with the the old one(s).

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