Gaijin Gunpla

The Body of the MGEX Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka went together well with only a couple snags.

Can the same be said for the legs?

I’m going to find out.

These frame parts will make up the ankle joint. There are quite a few parts but I remember the other MG Unicorns being similar.

Set the ankle aside and work on the frame part for the foot which is actually three different frame parts combined.

Then some psychoframe, this time it’s milky white, and armour to cover it.

Next step; all that blue stuff.

And some white stuff.

The movable armour plate that moves during transformation is next.

The small flaps that sit on the sides of the feet and move during transformation are now done like this.

I seem to recall that on the previous MG kit there was one frame part like a bar that fit through the foot so both flaps would move together but here they are independent.

With the feet done prepare the back flaps.

The frame parts for these are two clear parts.

Continuing on assembling x 2, we work on the panels for the sides of the legs.

These are interesting in that it’s not just one armour part now. There still is one large one but now the edges at the top of the panel are now their own pieces.

They fit in easily, and also can’t be confused.

Repeat for the panels for the opposite side of the legs.

The leg prep is finished.

I move away from working on both legs at a time and focus on the right let now.

A clear part is to be put in place covering the LED strip which you should have bent so it’s pointing backwards.

You’ve also got to bend that LED strip redirecting it into the clear part. Then it’s held in place by…?

My thumb?

It does kind of sit there and will continue to do so as you add a frame piece onto it and run the LED strip through that.

Close that up with the opposite frame part and then do it again with more frame.

Running the strip through its designated placement.

Now for the armour and psychoframe for the upper leg. The Pyschoframe here is milky white rather than clear.

Putting the armour on here secures that clear frame part we first slid on.

Follow that up with armour for each side.

The lower leg frame parts are large clear parts from the K runner.

The LED strip has to sit in there a specific way.

Not like that.

Like this.


That was kind of tricky. When I tried to match the manual image I ended up with more strip at the top than the image indicated.

Trying to get it to stay in place while closing the frame up proved another issue.

I think I got it.

Now for the knee.

It connects to the leg by two small frame arms.

Which are then covered by armour parts.

I recall the previous MG Unicorn kits had a different design, using one armour part, here.

Frame parts for the cuff of the leg are clear plastic.

Bend the knee and try to slide the shin armour piece up in there.

Now add the rear, thruster hiding, flap.

Time for those redesigned side panels.

Once they are in place you can bring that kneecap into place with a snap.

Small armour parts go on at the bottom of the leg and then the armour for the bottom of the leg goes on from below.

Lastly, the front armour part slides on from above.

Check out the design of the connection.

You can’t mistake left leg part from right leg part here.

Add a frame part and its armour cover to the top of the knee and you’ve got a complete leg that can take the foot.


Repeat that journey for the left leg. I put in a little more effort to prepare the LED strip for this one.

It helped and things went more smoothly. Experience pays off.

Thought I’d check something out with a half complete left leg.

And then again when the leg was completed.

So nice!

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