Gaijin Gunpla

The MGEX Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka MS was finished in the previous post with the completion of the Head, Backpack, and belated skirts.

I now faced a choice between all the weapons or the MS cage.

That wasn’t a hard choice at all. I’ve built these weapons before but hadn’t yet had a shot at that cage.

There are a lot of large parts involved with this section of this kit. Right away I’m connecting to large pieces with a smaller rail between them.

Then the same thing again but with a larger connecting section.

Note the designation on the runner.

Interesting that it doesn’t say MS cage. You would think that it would considering the first time it appeared was with the MG Unicorn HD Color + MS Cage kit.

Look at these parts.

The connections are quite large as well. No small pegs here.

The thinner parts will slot in like their larger counterparts.

Once everything has been slotted in you close it up with a long, wide cover.

Now to join the top section with the bottom.

Put on a couple of covers first.

That’s big.

I noticed these people on one of the cage runners.

I wonder who they are. Is this group the staff that monitor the Unicorn when it’s caged?

Now for some smaller parts.

This is where the Poly-caps that I talked about in the First Look! post come in.

To make use of that we need to pair up some parts.

You then make one for the opposite side.

And you’ll put on this small side rail, one on each side, after you put those arms on the top of the back of the cage.

Now for the rest of the arms, starting from the second from the top and working our way down.

You’ll be doing a right and then a left.

Each arm will take either a B PC part or an A.

The next arm has some small fencing.

The next has fencing as well though one of them is on the underside.

The last two are much simpler.

Here’s the complete set.

I put them on the back starting from the bottom and working up.

To put this on the base you’ll need these.

And you… need?.. these on the back?

You can put them wherever you like though the manual puts them on the third set of connectors.

And now for this.

You can remove it from the cage when storing extra parts.

So why can’t I keep it on the cage when storing parts?

So here it is!

When he’s in the shoulder covers fold down and sit nicely.

I opted to move the Unicorn mount and the cage further towards the front of the base.

This allows me to make use of the spaces at the back to store weapons.


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