Gaijin Gunpla

The MGEX Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka build has been an adventure but I’m in the home stretch. I’ve saved what would be a time-consuming but likely, minus a few areas, an unnoteworthy section for last.

Yup. The weapons. I’m not suffering from Weapons Block, that point at the end of the build where you wear down and lose steam, but I do know that this section will take time. I’ll keep things minimal as much of what you’re asked to do isn’t new.

Beam Magnum rifle is first up. Construction is what we’ve seen before although new parts were used for the handle.

A new part was also used inside the scope but it’s kind of hard to see here..

Likewise with the Hyper Bazooka.

You get to the very end of the build and there are two new parts you can use. Or… you can use the old ones?

The only difference seems to to be along the rails.

The new part has some areas along the rails that will prevent it from being pushed in all the way.

Manual indicates that if you’re storing the bazooka on the MS Cage base then you’ll want the old parts.

Otherwise use the new ones.

Going with the new ones for now.

Next up…

So many, by which I mean six, sets of Gatling Guns!

Let me prepare.

Nothing new here though.

Now for the three shields.

They look the same but they’re pretty much all new parts.

And these are definitely new.

You’ll need a clear part to act as the pin in the centre of it all.

When it comes to the sections of the shields that open up when in Destroy Mode you’ll use two thin clear blades to complete one side of the main blade section.

Then the white edges go on.

Everything white is under-gated.

Three of one side.

Three of the other.

Put one of each on the clear pin.

Then join the bottom half of the shield with the top.

There is that distinct shield.

View from the side.

How does it mount on the Unicorn? Well, that depends on what you want to do. You’re given two different connectors.

If you want it to mount onto the arm directly you’ll use the connector part with the longer sides. And you’ll also need this.

You’ll pull off the longer part on the side of the arm and replace it with this shorter one.

That leaves a place for the clear pin on the shield to plug directly into the arm allowing light to transfer to the shield.

If you’re going to mount the shield onto the arm with the Gatling Guns then you’ll use the connector with the shorter sides.


…you’re given two of the connector parts used to attach to the arm directly and three of the one used to connect to the Gatlings.

Considering the Unicorn only has two arms I don’t need that extra short one. I’ve set mine up so I have one for going directly onto the arm (the other arm will have the Rifle) and I also have two for the Gatling Guns.

I have more than enough Gatling Guns so why not make use of them.

Speaking of Gatling Guns…

You’re given two new handles. These are for when you decide to wield one in each hand.

And you’re also given these two giant pieces.

These are used to mount the Gatlings to the three shields.

I don’t intend to do that yet, though I will shortly, but I didn’t want to leave them on the runner. So I cut them off in a way that allowed me to know which is part # 10 and part # 11.

Likely don’t need that reminder but it’s there just in case.

So that’s all the weapons.

This is the last session of actual construction so I also cut off a lot of other parts I may use in the future.

That’s the part that goes on the back centre waist when Unicorn is not plugged into the battery pack.

I also found I needed these.

I have the single fixed horn on currently but I could not find a single part making up the Destroy Mode V fin. It looks like Bandai didn’t make one. The section of the manual showing the transformation of the head only shows the two parts.

Boo! Guess I’ll need to use the two parts and I’ll need the stickers on there.

You’re given a choice of two golds for your Destroy fins. I went with the more Gold look

I’ve cut off the pilots and stand adaptors and assembled the extra hands. I think I can finally declare the MGEX Unicorn build complete.

Time to play!

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