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We did a remote First Look post courtesy of ASM back when the newest PG, the PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam released and almost no one could get one.

Well, patience pays off and the second production run has been shipped and one ended up in my living room!

ASM has been keeping me in the loop with his build, highlighting some areas that I, and others, were sure to find interesting. So while I’m not going into this build cold there is still a lot I don’t know.

Now that I have the product in my hand I get to discover all aspects of it for myself. And, oh my, there does sure seem to be a lot of things to discover.

Normally when I do a First Look post it follows a set pattern of box, box contents, then manual. But with this kit I think I need to shake things up a bit. I took the pictures in that order but found myself spending a lot of time with the manual as it would expound on what I was seeing when I was pulling runners out of the box.

Speaking of the box, I do love myself these Perfect Grade boxes and try to show all angles. So, yeah, I’m starting with the box here too.


That’s a really nice cover which uses up the available space diagonally across the front.


Here the box shows you almost everything you can expect to do with this kit.

It shows you the completed kit, both armoured and unarmoured.

And then shows you the five phases you’ll go through to get there.

That’s a fair amount of building.

Then it shows you the LED lighting effects.

The different materials that are used in the kit.

The multi-layered structure Bandai has engineered.

And the cool Core Fighter.

Packaging is meant to sell the contents inside and this sure does that.

To complete the picture here are the images from the top.

Look at that sexy guy.

The two sides both have the same image.

And here are the contents that make everything happen.

But I said I’d do things differently so out of that box of contents I’ll first show the manual.

That’s what he will look like when finally complete.
Back of the manual has the same image as the box.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Open up that manual and things get awesome.


This page explains what Bandai means by using the word Unleashed.

Freedom from Shackles!

Manual then shows you the Phased Build.

They logo in the corner says Gunpla Evolution Link System.

Turn to the next page and Bandai expands on the various things shown on the back of the box.

‘Light-up Effects Resembling “Activation” Scenes’

‘Technological Evolution Enabled by the “Pinnacle” of Achievements’

(Why put Pinnacle in quotations?)


Then comes the part list but before they list all those runners they have something else you need to know.

Remove at the —— line.

What’s that? Well, if you look at the runner list…

…you’ll see a great many, if not most, of the runners have that line.

You’re shown that you can separate the runners into sections. Why they show this makes sense when you look at the assembly of the kit which I’ll get to shortly.

ASM mentioned this to me when he started the build but I didn’t understand fully what he was explaining. Now I do.

What’s this?

Etching stickers!

Those are these?

Those are in the same bag as the other stickers.

Metal Parts!

I think those are in the same bag as the…

Which is this one.



What’s this?

That looks to be the…

For lighting up the Twin Eyes and Chest Ducts. Awesome.

When assembly starts you’re doing Phase 1 and 2, apparently.

Look at that first section page. It’s telling you a lot of things.

The ‘Main’ runners you’ll need for the frame.

And did you see there that one of the runner is like a Real Grade’s MS frame? That’s these.

In the same bag it looks like there are runners for the arm frames.

You’ll likely be using the few PC parts here.

That same first section page also has the ‘Sub-runners’.

It’s showing you what you’ll need from the various, mostly plated, runners. Like this one.

When you’re done that section you’ll have these beauties.

The Waist section will use this runner (I think).

Err, part. Um, single part making up one runner.

Look at the crazy first page of the Chest section.

Can’t wait!

When the frame, or more accurately Phase 01 and 02, is complete you’ll then move onto Phase 03.


That must be these type of runners.

Completing that Phase gives you this.

Then you move onto Phase 04.

Armour parts.

I like the shape of these.

They’re aesthetically pleasing to me.

One of the red armour runners.

I think I recognize Core Fighter parts there.

Once armoured he’s his old self.

Was a Core Fighter just mentioned?

When it comes time for the weapons you’ll notice this.

That runner only has the two parts that make up the handle and body of the Beam Rifle.

And the large parts for the Shield.

The yellow parts, for shield and other, are all on one runner.

Along with these.

You’ll have to apply these.

There’s a few.

I did find the hands intriguing.

Those look like hands alright, but so do these.

Looking at these, and without verifying in the construction manual, it looks like you’ll insert the plated parts into the hand parts so that the joints of the hand look like a moving mechanical part but it will be one solid construction sturdy enough to hold weapons. I love it!

When assembly is complete the manual again tells you all about the kit.


Bandai wants you to remember all the great things about this kit.

Hyping you up for density!

Here’s the part that drew my attention.

‘Molds and shadows created by the details have been taken into consideration from the design stage during development. The parts are divided to make concave grooves stand out even without panel lining.’

There are a lot of panel lines on this kit.

This guy!

Don’t forget all those stickers!

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