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I am so eager to get started on the PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam but it’s such a large kit and there is so much I want to show, in as much detail as possible, that I need to have good chunks of time to sit down and document the build process.

But I just can’t wait.

So, while I can’t just jump into the building of the kit, I can do some preparation for when the building actually begins.

Like get the LED lights powered up and working.

I knew I’d have a little time to myself the other night so during that day I went out and purchased batteries I hoped would work.

I didn’t have the manual with me when I went out battery shopping so I texted ASM who confirmed the kit only used two LR41 batteries. Well, we don’t have LR41 batteries in the stores here so I had to search for the equivalent and I found these 392s.

Later that night I opened the box and dug out the small LED unit.

Wow, this things seems small and simple after what I went through with the MGEX Unicorn Ver Ka.

I grabbed my trusty screw driver, took off the cover, and inserted the two very small batteries.

All that was needed was to test it. I just had to push the button… using the provided Y parts?

What and where was that?

There is no Y runner listed in the runner list.

Turns out it was in the bag with all the LED and metal parts.

The Y parts, and the LED light unit, seem to work perfectly!

Man, now I really can’t wait to start building.

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  1. Sunny says:

    Looking forward to seeing your build.

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