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Part 2 of the PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam build was quite involved but that was the Chest and Backpack. In this part we’ll tackle the arms and head. It won’t be as long but I’ve still go 89 images to show you.

Here’s the first.

Not much in the way of Main Runners for this section.

But I do get to use these.

These are known as ‘Metal Arm Parts’. Sounds about right.

Sub Runners.

I get to use this runner!

I was looking forward to this.

Stack of sub runners to be used.

And stickers!

Out comes the RG type frame.

And just like an RG there’s some loosening up of things to do before you start adding things.

This lighter gray part needs to be able to move up and down.

Bend it at the middle to get it in its position and then add frame parts to hold it there.

It’s interesting to see how this was designed. Look at the shape of the peg/hole connection in the middle.

Everything fits just right.

Bend it at the top which will be the shoulder and add frame parts around there and the upper arm.

At the bottom add some gold parts to house some pistons.

The cuff are of the frame is two parts.

Once together you’ll add the two pistons.

Now for the Metal Arm Part. You’ll place it inside a frame part meant to go around the lower arm.

After those frame parts are on you’ll place a sticker over the seam.

And another to the side.

Add a small gold circle part to both sides of the elbow.

Now for some sweet, sweet silver.

These two parts make up the inside of the hand.

You’ll then place the connection peg into the silver part and sandwich that between two dark parts.

I love this effect!

Years ago (checks history), back in 2009 (!), I was trying for this effect when working on my Sinanju Ver Ka Yellowbird. I meticulously masked the small joint areas when doing the hands to try and give the look of a functioning actuator.

Twelve years later and we get to see Bandai do it and do it amazingly.

Here’s the open hand.

That’s beautiful.

Like always I go with the clenched fist to start.

The shoulder is considered part of the arm assembly and so you move on to that by using sub runner parts.

Once the base is assembled you add one small frame part to both front and back. At this point there is no distinction which is which.

And that’s it for a Phase 02 arm/shoulder. The manual shows you what this frame can do.

I’ll plug this right arm onto the chest.

Lookin’ good.

Now you start on the left arm.

I’m keeping it at Phase 01 so there’s not much to do.

This is my Phase 01/02 hybrid so far.

Now for the head to finish the frame assembly off.

Main runners.

That’s these parts.

And the metal vulcans.

Sub runner listing.

You can see by the red squares on the two runners in that list that you’re not using much in terms of Sub Runner parts but I’ll show you the runners anyway for consistency’s sake.

And you’re told you’ll be using stickers.

Start by laying a clear part into one half of the head frame.

Now you’ll put in a red part, with a frame part on top of it.


The manual says to apply stickers first.
It also says not to apply stickers when lighting it up.

I can’t imagine not using that LED unit Bandai provided in this kit. Why would anyone use the stickers here?

Close that frame up and then you have two smaller frame parts to go on.

Then you have the frame part for the face.

Before putting that on you need to insert the poly-cap which will connect the head to the neck.

You’re meant to put silver parts into this face frame from the back and also add the two vulcans here however as I’m not going full Phase 02 I opted to leave them out for now.

There’s my Phase 01 head.

And here’s my half Phase 01 and half Phase 02 PG RX-78-2 Unleashed!

Looks awkward between Phases so I’ll continue on and get this thing into Phase 02.

I’ll start by adding those cool metal Vulcans.

And the silver parts to the sides.

I’ll add the yellow part to the eye frame part.

And add a sticker while I’m at it.

Here’s a Phase 02 head.

I’ll work backwards, from memory if I can, and do the same for the rest of the body.

Pull the arm apart so I can add the necessary frame pieces.

Assemble and add the second shoulder.

I pulled the guy apart to make things easier.

Finished that second, beautiful leg without incident.

Here are the bags of used runners from building Phase 01 and 02.

And here is my Unleashed Phase 02 RX-78-2.

Even as a Phase 02 frame this guy is a looker!

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