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In Part 4 of the WIP for the PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam we finished up Phase 02.

Now we are moving on to Phase 03 – Attaching the Truss Frame.

I’m still building half and half so this post will see me do as much as I can to get the right side of the Unleashed up to Phase 03. It didn’t seem to take that long, but then I looked and I had 109 images.

That’s a lot.

And it could have been more!

So let’s kick it off with the legs. (Pun totally intended.)

Main runner list.

That’s these.

However, T4 and T3 are meant to use their duplicates if you’re going Phase 03 on both legs.

Here’s S.

Here’s the part of S that I’ll be using.

Not all that much.

Here’s T. We’re using T3 and T4.

T3 is on the left.

Here’s T4, again on the left.

Sub Runner is just W.

And these.

Bend the leg and add the Truss part for the upper thigh.

Unbend it and add the rear of the upper leg and the kneecap Truss frame part.


You’ll add the swivel peg to the truss parts that are meant for both sides of the calf.

Maneuver them a bit and pop them into their home.

Silver part for the back of the lower leg.

Then T parts for the shin and for the toes.

And that finished the leg(s).

The frame was decent in its Phase 02 form, but it’s really coming together in Phase 03.

Moving on to the waist.

You’ll do this with some T parts.

Here’s the part for the right side front skirt.

Note the notch in the hole at the top. This means it will only fit on in one position.

But once on you swing it down and it won’t be coming off.

Now the manual tells you to pull the waist apart.

Just grab on there and remove it slowly and carefully.

Okay, there it is.

Add the truss frame to the side skirt.

One then goes on the inside of the right side of the waist at the top.

You can see how it’s meant to fit in.

Now flip it over and add the one that goes in the same place but from below.

Onto the rear skirt will go a Truss frame part that is identical to the one that went on the front.

There it is, all trussed up.

Now you just… put it back.

But the next step is to add the Etching stickers to the front and rear skirts.

I felt it would likely be easier to do that before putting that skirt section back on.

And to make it even easier, I removed that little section from the skirts.

With the etching part on there I could put the section back onto the skirt frame.

Side view.

Next stage is the Chest/Arms/Head.

You can see that early in this stage I had already separated the top half of the kit from the bottom. I took it apart further for this stage.

Main runners.

S’s and T’s.

Sub runner.

It’s W.

But it is only this part.

Add a cool Etching sticker to a part that will go to the side of the cockpit hatch.

To get it in its proper position you have to bend the torso backwards to open up access to the pegs it fits onto.

I’ve left off the part for the other side but can’t do the same with the Truss part for the lower torso at the back.

Now you’re told to open up the cockpit hatch.

Then join two parts together to go onto that.

The truss frame part for the top of the chest needs a hinge.

Clip the hinge on and swing it down into place.

Now I need Etching parts for the chest vents, and truss parts for the top of the chest.


This should be tricky.

It instructs you to insert the wider side first.

Actually, that wasn’t too bad.

The T part that fits in on top of the chest is this one.

Wait a minute. Look at the manual.

The Japanese uses the onomatopoeia, Pachin, or the sound it would make when you snap that into place. However, the English translation they have as ‘Fit!’. Not ‘Snap!’? Have they always used this translation?

While I ponder that I will work on the backpack.

Add the truss part for the top and upper right.

And Etching sticker goes right in the middle near the bottom.

And that’s it as far as Truss frame goes.

So we move to the shoulders.

There’s an Etching sticker needed right on the side of it. The manual tells you to make sure it is put on the correct way.

Now these parts are used to Truss up the front and back of the shoulder.

For now they just sit in there and aren’t secured in any way.

That one plated part left on the W runner is used at last.

And on the sides of the lower arm S parts are fitted in.

Lastly, we are on to the head.

There are S parts used here, too.

The Truss section of the instruction manual for the head is only two frames.

I pulled the head off to make it easier to handle will doing this.

Love those neck pistons.

Adding the first part to the right side and top.

Then one more part goes into the side.


My Unleashed, stuck in limbo between Phase 02 and 03.

Some more details.

And lack of them.

Phase 02 looks pretty bland now that I’m seeing Phase 03.

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  1. Joew says:

    I told myself not to look at your blog for spoilers as my prerecorded PG Unleashed still on limbo, but I could not control myself any longer and thus here I am checking update on your facebook everyday.

    Thanks for the detail photo! It helps me through the struggle at least, knowing my kit is still no where close to be available.

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