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It feels like I’ve been building some big name MS kits lately, after a bit of a lull due to lack of pandemic shipping options, but I felt I wanted to go back to a more grunt-like MS. The MG Mobile Ginn fits that billing, I believe.

Admittedly, I don’t know much about the kit, but that box art is attractive, but more importantly this guy reminds me of a Zaku and MG Zaku are one of the best MG experiences around.

The frame should be a nice fun build and move really well if this image is anything to go by.

On top of that, this guy comes with:

Heavy sword (nice.)
76mm heavy assault machine gun (oooh.)
Magazine rack (ok.)
Missile pod (x2) (cool.)
Facial expression hand parts (left and right, 3 types each) (I don’t even know what that means!!)

After a PG Unleashed RX-78-2, an MGEX Unicorn Ver Ka, and the MG Wing Zero Ver Ka it will be nice to enjoy something a little simpler.

Here are the box contents.

That’s actually quite a lot of markings.

There are three bags which contain frame runners, though one of the three has an armour runner in there.

This shape looks interesting.

And everything else.


Runner layout.

Looks like there are a few parts that aren’t necessary.

I’ll look into that more closely when I start the build and open the runner bags and have a closer look.

Weapons may be the most fun part of the kit.

Marking guide for the surprising amount of stickers.

I’m almost done the PG Unleashed. Only another session of markings to go.

After that this kit may be next in line, though I still have an MG Kyrios I need to get on. To make things even more uncertain I have another kit I’ll be doing a First Look on shortly as well as one on the way to me that I am super excited about.

Who knows what’s coming next.

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    Hey there, how have things been going? Speaking of MGs any expectations or insider news on what the August release will be?

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