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Only the Core Fighter remains for my PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam assembly (not counting the armour I purposely left off) and I’m eager to see what an Unleashed PG Core Fighter looks like.

75 images will make up this WIP post.

Main runners.

These are all that remains after all else was previously separated and used.

Oh, hello there.

Sub runners.

Here is H.

Only a few parts left to be used.

Same with the clear parts runner.

Pilot goes in his seat.

Then he goes into the cockpit.

Check this out.

The front landing gear slides into the back of the nose.

Lower it and then put the nose onto the cockpit section.

Retract the landing gear and then put its hatch cover on.

Now for a really small clear part to go into the nose. It’s much harder to see than the cockpit windscreen.

Close the window and slide the nose section into a blue body part.

You’ll than add a white part to the body after placing on the moving frame piece.

Now take the large red armour part that makes up the majority of the body. Into the side of this you’ll attach a small frame part which is one of the rear landing gears.

Once it is on you can swing it up.

Two red parts are used to make up one wing.

You then slide that wing into the body from the side.

It hooks on and then slides in further.

Repeat for the other side.

Now add some vents.

Remember that frame part you put into place in the nose section? You add a blue armour part to that and then the tail fin.

And then you drop that whole thing into the body you constructed earlier.

Now you, um, put these little missiles into a white housing.

This is new to me.

Those little missiles fit into a larger amrour section.

Make one more for the opposite side.

These drop on to the red area of the body.

With those on you can add the thrusters to the back and then close it all up with two red parts for the top.

There she is.

There is a transparent piece that is used as an adaptor for an action base.

Here is the rear landing gear hatch design.

Pulling the wing out exposes the landing gear which can then be swung down.

To open the cockpit you pull outwards on the windscreen and then swing it up.

Now to see how it does as a Core block.

Wait, was that…?

Someone needs to be fired.

Swing the pilot seat up.

Push in the nose.

Carefully swing it down and under.

Doing so brings the tailfin into the body making it compact enough to fit into the RX-78-2.


Fits in fine.

And no problems getting the upper body back on.

Opening up the hatch of the lets you see the pilot.

My no longer needed runners.

The manual indicates there’s more building?

Main runner?

Sub runners?

Ah, the extra hands.

I’ll be using those when it comes time to play with the completed kit.

Not there yet, though.

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