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This is the post where I complete the assembly of the PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam. By that I mean I’m going to put the armour on that I’ve left off previously.

There’s not much to show here because I’ve already showed it for the body’s right side. I simply began at the start of the manual’s armour section, which is the legs, and kept going. That said, I’ve still got 89 images to show you.

When it came to putting on the white armour on the top of the foot I recalled seeing a gap there when doing the right foot so for the left I took the whole foot off the leg to give me better access.

I didn’t struggle to line things up as much and ended with a good result.

That armoured leg finished up these runners.

As you can see I pulled off the side skirts to make armouring those easier.

When armouring up the Chest I was now able to put on the red armour piece that goes across the back.

As well as the large black piece that goes across the top of the backpack.

Shot of the head because it’s awesome.

Armouring the arm makes me sad because it means covering up these plated pistons.

Now that I have all the armour on I’m not yet ready to put him all back together.

I’m looking at doing (half) of this.


Look at all those stickers.

I say doing half because I’m continuing with my theme of having the kit half in one stage and half in the previous stage so you can see the contrast.

So two of the four green stickers are put on the front.

And there’s a green circle for the side.

A small red and green sticker for the backpack.

Two green stickers for the front and also the back of the right shoulder.

Checking the manual indicates that the front and back of the left shoulder will be using red stickers.

Green sticker on the inside of the forearm.

Red circle for the front skirt.

Green sticker for the right knee.

Left knee will be red.

One of each colour for the inside and outside of the legs.

Back of the knee.

Now I can put him back together.

Yes, I’ve got the LED in there.

The Beam Rifle only takes on green sticker on each side.

And the Core Fighter only has one small green circle for the body on the right.

And a matching red one for the left side.

Using only one of each of those circle stickers leaves me with three each remaining?

Did I miss something?

Remaining sticker is a spare?!

That’s a lot of extra stickers!

I’m going to finish the stickers according to the manual and then see what I want to do. Here’s the red sticker on the left knee to contrast with the right’s green.

And the red stickers for the left shoulder.

Yes, the shoulder joint seems to come apart like that when you’re trying to pull the arm off.

So.. those extra stickers…

Well, the shield doesn’t have any at all.

And now it does.

And the head didn’t get any Metallic 3D sticker love, either.

Hmm. There’s some circles back there.


Yes. I do believe that was a solid choice.

Put them on so the colour matches that of the closest shoulder.

But that means I don’t have enough circle stickers to do the small recessed circles on the yellow part of the front and back skirts.

All those spare stickers and I don’t have enough.

The key is to find a recessed area, I think. If it’s not or the sticker doesn’t fit properly it will likely slide around.

That’s an example of one that wouldn’t work.

But this spot would!


I’ve left the arms off while I look at what may fit there. You can see there are several recessed areas.

But I can’t seem to find a sticker that would work in those spots.

This spot looks like it could work.


But this spot?

The closest fitting sticker still looks a little too large. I guess I could fix that.

Running out of time to explore the Metallic stickers more I put them aside and finished the last of the actual construction. The grabbing hands. (Grab all they can)

The first is the, uh.

Oh yes, Weapon grabbing hand-1

Here are the parts.

But what is this?

That small part.

At first I thought it was a moving trigger finger tip (Remember, the Beam Rifle has a working trigger!) but it actually fits into a hollow that is on the proper trigger finger tip.

The two parts that will make up the second portion of the grabbing hand.

And here’s the left.

The Grabbing Hands (1), grab all they can, everything counts…

That’s not true. They only grab one thing.

Okay, now for.


Same type of construction but there is no trigger finger needed as the fist is more closed so there will be no small part to fill a hollow anywhere.

These do the -1 hands one better by grabbing two things.


Funny how the manual tells you there’s a hand C section and a D section.

I’ll be coming back to this guy soon to look into more Metallic sticker placement.

And then I have the final markings to put on. Can’t believe this guy is almost done!

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