Gaijin Gunpla

I had my Phase 02 transitioning to Phase 03 PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam built at the end of Part 5 but Bandai’s manual was taunting me with images of a complete Phase 03 frame.

Wanted mine to look like that so away I went. It didn’t take long. Only 42 images to show in this post.

So I split him top and bottom again to make quick work of it.

I’m working in reverse so the remaining half of the head went first.

Then the arm.

Then Etching stickers on for the waist.

Followed by the left leg and once that was done I put him back together to take in his Phase 03 glory and also to check out the many hatches Bandai talked about.

Phase 03 finished means these runners are exhausted.

And so are the Etching stickers.

It was at this time that I wanted to check out the function of the LED.

To get that in you need to pull the backpack off.

Pull the frame part off of there.

Then pop off the head.

Love that head!

Here’s the LED.

Manual shows you how it is meant to fit in below the head.

It is snug in there.

I turned it on to take a look.

But it just shut off when I put the head back on.

Then I realized…

That little part with the peg sticking up, that was the first part that went on in the entire build, was used to push the LED button!

But um, it didn’t really work when I tried to push the LED down onto it.

Flipping over the page, I realized the error of my ways.

That’s where the manual tells you that to switch on the LED, or change modes, you need to quickly pull out on the cockpit hatch and then return it to its originally position. A quick pull/push and that acts as the button press.

Well, there you go!

That. Is. Awesome!

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