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Tested out the LED unit on my Phase 03 PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam in Part 6 but now it’s time to get serious.

There is armour to go on to turn my Phase 03 to Phase 04.

I imagine this will involve a lot of parts so I am going to divide the kit into its top and bottom halves and show it across two posts.

This post, the bottom half, took 141 images to chronicle my progress.

So here we go.

Phase 04 – Attaching the Armour Parts.

The Legs.

Main runners.

There are five of them.

I noticed something interesting when starting with the J runners.

Here is J1.

The runner label tab is up near the top.

J2 has it near the bottom.

Obviously you can see there aren’t as many parts on J2 as on J1 so I can understand the runner number being in a different area.

But here are the L runners.

They look almost identical.

L1 splits like this.

L2 splits in the same way.

L1 runner is in the bottom left area.

But L2 is in the middle.

I found that interesting for no particular reason.

Red parts runner.

Only using the left section.

Sub runners.

This runner.

Looks to have you only use these parts.

While the red Sub runner splits like this.

Now that I’ve got my runners at the ready, let’s armour this leg up!

Grab the large part that covers the upper thigh and the small hatch for it.

Armour goes on first.

Then the hatch.

Hatch open!

Armour and hatch for the rear of the upper leg.

Again armour goes on and the hatch.

Hatch open!

The rings for the sides of the knees are next.

Line them up like so.

Armour parts for the kneecap.

Armour goes on then the two hatches.

Hatches open!

Back of the lower leg parts.

Hatch open! (There will be a lot of this during Phase 04).

Here are the parts for the sides of the calves and the rear of the leg between them.

The gate marks will likely require extra attention.

Once the larger side parts are on you add the, you guessed it, hatches.

And parts for the front of the lower leg.

This gets covered up.

I guess it doesn’t affect the Etching sticker view in any case.

The lower leg armour clips on at the bottom and then flips up into place.

Here’s an image showing the connection.

And here is where it will clip onto.

Back to these side hatches.

They will open like so.

There may be more to that and if so will explore it during Phase 05.

The leg should have all its armour on now.

So it’s time to add some red.

That smaller red piece fits into the the opening in the larger one.

Like this.

I think I got it.

That goes on the front of the foot and two red parts go on the bottom.

Now you need to point the foot down.

And add the white armour.

Two narrow red parts also go on the sides at this step.

Having put them on I thought that gap between the white and red sides was more than it seemed to be in the manual images.

So I pushed it down harder. Then I felt it go in.

That looks more like it.

Red parts for the heel and the companion white part.

One more white part will fit on at the back of the heel and the two circles are also put on.

Unlike the other hatches so far, the hatches for the front of the ankle go on before that part goes onto the frame.

Hatches open!

There is the armoured leg.

Oh, forgot these.

Waist Armour

Main runners.

After splitting what I need it’s only these.

Sub runners.

All this colour.

But I’m not using all of it, obviously.

From this runner.

I’m using these parts.

From this one.


And what should be the last part left from this runner.

Which is also the first part used in the Waist armour process.

That and the yellow V.

Lay it in its place.

Add armour parts to that area and below.

The armour parts for the rear.

This part is interesting.

It has to lay in the frame a specific way and then is covered up by the other part.

I’m guessing that this will spin and reveal the place to attach the rifle for RX’s butt carry.

Parts for the right side skirt.

The outside one moves.

Now for the yellow.

The first part clips onto the bar that is part of the frame there.

Then the other part goes on.

There’s a gap there between the yellow and the white.

I’m not sure if that is correct but I’ll compare it with the rest of the skirts as I go. There are three more, after all.

Parts for the side skirt.

And, for my Unleashed, next are the parts for the right rear skirt.

That gap is there here too.

I forgot this part.

It goes here.

There’s my half-and-half waist.

There he is!

All 25% of him.

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