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I did half the Phase 03 armour for my PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam in one sitting but it still was a lengthy process, involving so many parts, that I had to spread the WIP of it into two posts.

Part 7 was the armour going onto half of the lower body. Part 8 will be the upper body’s half.

There are 145 images taken for this post.

First one shows you that I’m working on the…

Chest Armour.

Main runners.

Need N2, O1, and U2. They’re in there.

N is this one.

N2 is what you see on the bottom left.


And here is the as yet untouched U runner.

So I’ll just remove the U2 section.

My pile of Main runners is much smaller.

Sub runners.

The much used G2 runner.

Only using a few parts here.

But I’m using a lot from the H runner. And it appears I didn’t take a picture of it. Fail!

I had already separated top from bottom prior to putting on the leg and waist armour and I’ve divided things up further to make armouring up the upper body easier.

First step is to get some red on the side and front of the bottom of the chest.

Then repeat just above that.

Next are two parts that go across the lower back.

It looks like if I put on that second part I won’t be able to put on the side parts when I decide to armour up the other half of the chest. I’ll just leave that part off for now.

You’re instructed to remove the head.

Then apply the yellow collar.

Looking at how the manual tells you the sequence of the parts it looks like I’m safe to do one side and the front.

You’re then instructed to put the head back on.

I think I’ll leave it off to make holding it easier when it comes to the next part.

Chest vents.

I’ll prepare the parts I need for after the individual vents go on so that I’m not trying to hold the little parts on and cut other parts off runners at the same time.

Here are the details.

An H24 and two H22s.

I lay them out similar to the manual so that I don’t confuse anything.

There they are.

Sitting in there nicely.

Blue piece goes on first.

Here’s a close up showing how hat blue part lays in there.

Then the yellow rim goes into its place.

That truss frame part on the upper chest fits down tightly into position above the vents.

Now for two blue parts that go on under the arm.

It’s a tight space in there so I just removed the arm altogether.

Then you have a part to cover up the shoulder blade area and another for the top.

The hatch gets its armour next so flip that up.

Place in the sliding panel.

Place the next part in above that.

Then you’ve got one large armour part that will cover the entirety of the perimeter.

As well as one more that goes on that hatch at the top.

There is all I can do with my Phase 03/04 hybrid.

I am loving the details.

Now for the backpack.

Each thruster has a little swinging panel just above it and then the larger part goes on covering much of the center of the kit. This may mean that I can’t do half/half and will have to install both panels.

An armour part covers up most of the little circles at the top.

Then a swinging hatch fits into the large armour part that makes up the side of the backpack.

There we go.

Hatch open!

At this point the little panel above the thruster on the same side that doesn’t have the side armour on fell off.

I guess that means I can do those half/half.

The last part to go on is the armour that fits across the top.

But… oh crap.

I armoured up the wrong side for what I’m trying to do here.

Let’s swap everything around.


Here he is with half the chest armour on.

Time for the arms.

Main runners.

Here’s the pile.

L runners have been used before but you’ll need two of the I runner if you’re doing both arms.

So I need just one.

Sub runner.

Just U1.

He’s still part of the whole U runner.

Time to leave home, U1.

My arm is still detached so that should make things simpler.

Pop off the shoulders and then proceed.

First part to go on fits tightly at the top of the arm.

Then you are putting the armour onto the shoulder.

Cover up the Etching sticker found there.

I’m glad to be doing this. Handling the kit I was worried I would misplace/dislodge the sticker. Now it’s covered and safe.

After that add the part for the top.

Both front and back of the shoulder use two armour parts from different runners.

There she be.

Back to the arm itself, there’s an armour part and hatch for the front of the upper arm and one part for the back.

The hatch goes on second.

Hatch open!

Once I had the armour on the upper arm I put the shoulder back on and then added the rings to both sides of the elbow.

There are two small parts for the back of the elbow. To get them on you have to bend it slightly.

Once they are on straighten out the arm and then put on the larger armour part that fits there.

The cuff is two parts that squeeze in together.

The fit is pretty tight so it may require some extra squeezing. Once they are on you can add the armour for the lower arm which includes a hatch.

This time put the hatch in place first and then put the armour on.

The back of the arm is a little different.

You first lay a panel on top of the frame and then place the armour part on above it.

The panel can slide up to reveal the magnet installed back there.

You would have installed a small armour part on the front of the forearm at this point and together with the larger back armour would have mostly covered the cuff.

Then you can see you’ve got one dark part to put on the back of the hand.


We’re almost (half) done!

Just the head left.

Main runners.

That’s these.

Don’t need everything though.

Only these.

My head is off and ready to go.

Should make short work of this.


Looking at the manual here it says I need both sides on before I can put on the forehead.

Guess I’ll not be doing a half/half with the head.

Then two small hatches go on the back and are covered by one large part.

Definitely can’t do anything half/half with the head.

Here are the hatches.

Then the top of the head and the back.

The top looks like it is one giant hatch.


Didn’t realize I failed to split the M runner.

No biggie.

Manual shows you the magnificent creation you should now have.

I can’t wait, but there are other things that need to be done.

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