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We move on from the Mobile Suit portion of the PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam build and for Part 9 we’re working on the weapons.

Which looks like are Phase 05.

I went full-on for this section and assembled the weapons in their entirety, and then some, and in so doing ended up with 133 images.

It starts with the Beam Rifle.

Main runners are U3 and V2.

Sub runners.

The G2 runner has shown up a lot lately.

But for the Beam Rifle we’re only using this.

We’ll use the last of the parts remaining on the V1 runner.

And the last parts, other than the extra hands, on the W runner.

V2 has only three parts on it and you’re using on of them to start the rifle.

A gold plated part will fit into it.

You’ll then add a small U part before closing it up.

That small part looks like a trigger.

It is a trigger.

The Unleashed RX-78-2 has a moving trigger on the Beam Rifle!

More parts are added to that handle.

Once those are on you’ve got some dark parts to hook onto the end of that handle.

You can see the peg fits into the slot with room to spare.

This allows you to lift up on that section to give it extra room when swinging it open.

Check out this cute Beam Rifle symbol.


Take a part from there and add a small dark part on top of it.

Another gold part will fit into the long piece that makes up most of the barrel.

Here is the swinging handle.

The ball joint part can only go on one way.

Notice how the ridge that is inside, which is usually found right in the center, is off to one side.

Manual tells you what to watch for when putting it on.

Both handles then fit together with the longer part.

Finish off the body of the weapon with two more parts on the barrel.

Now for the scope. The one yellow part from G2 goes on over the last non-hand part from W and then into the dark piece.

How that scope goes onto the Beam Rifle is interesting. Rather than just clipping on, you have a part that plugs into the Beam Rifle and can swivel.

That connector has a peg to take the scope allowing that to swivel as well.

There it is.

Pew. Pew.

That leaves me with more exhausted runners.

And only hand parts on the plated one.

Next up, the Beam Sabres.

Only main runners parts are used here.

Assembly is, as expected, quite simple.

Maybe there will be on part to watch out for.

Manual says to slide the last circular part on a certain way.

You’re meant to line up the ridges inside the circular part with the long grooves on the other part.

It does make for a nice effect on the end of the handles.

Lastly, the 1/60 scale shield.

Main runners.



And the Q runner.

I need Q1.

And the X1 piece.

Back in the First (Hand) Look post I surmised that this would be used in the waist assembly.

It’s okay to be wrong.

This has a magnet in it.

That magnet will attach to the magnet that is hidden away in the back of the forearm strengthening the Unleashed’s grip on it.

Sub runners.

G2 makes what is it’s last appearance.

Last part of the PC runner is used as well.

And the big red piece, of course.

Q1 parts and that last poly-cap go first.

Attach the handle onto those.

And plug it into the backside of the shield frame.

You can see how it fits on.

Once you’ve got it on slide it down.

Flip it over and lay in an M part. This will be covered up by another piece and the clear part that fits inside that.

Hatch close!

Those long white parts go on the sides.

There are tabs that need to fit into the openings at the proper angle.

Similarly, a white part will go on at the top.

And a larger one at the bottom.

Yellow on red and red on black.

That gap looks a little wide.

Once you’ve got that red part in place it prevents the handle from coming back off.

Parts for the top.

And now for X1.

Let’s add some parts to it.

Fold that up tight.

More parts including a ball joint.

That will plug into what you’ve just folded up.

The ball plugs into the poly-cap which you used when you first stared the shield assembly.

Once you’ve got it on there you can’t fold that up to make things flat.

You’ll only be able to lay the shield like this.

Here they all are.

And that used up a lot of runners.

This one would be emptied too if I wasn’t doing a half/half Phase build.

Your time will come, G2.

Now, there’s something that struck me as a little odd when it came to the weapons.

The fact that there is another Beam Saber handle that is to be assembled but isn’t mentioned until the very last page of the manual.

I’ve been staring at these parts since the beginning.

This is a battery.

I have never seen a battery like that before. Where can I get one if I need one?

Well, if you look at the back of the manual at the form for ordering parts…

LED Unit Sabre Set is 2500 yen!

Do not lose it (I implore myself).

There’s no real assembly here. You’re given a handle.

Manual tells you to make sure it’s switched off.

Like that.

And if you weren’t sure…

The word ON appears on the handle!

So all you need to do is slide in the battery and screw on the end of the handle.

The manual says to use the Y part to screw it on.

That part doesn’t stay in the groove and it’s easier just to use your fingers to screw it on and then maybe use the Y part to tighten it up.

Let’s turn it on.

I guess I’ll need one of these.

Switch. On!

That’s actually much brighter than I thought it would be.

But I’m more interested in how it look plugged into the top of the backpack.

There’s some light escaping here but that’s mostly because I haven’t got the top armour part on there.

This is what I came to see.

Just the Core Fighter remains to be assembled.

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  1. Rick Moore says:

    Syd, you can get those batteries from Amazon. They are for fishing lures and are MUCH cheaper then the manual states. 🙂

    Search for this:
    4 Loopacell CR435 BR435 435 Lithium Pin Type Cell 3V Batteries for Fishing Lures, Fishing Bobbers, Pen Lights, Arrow Nocks, Fishing Floats, Pole Lights, LED Flashers

  2. Ansuzalgiz says:

    The battery looks the same as the one used for the PG Zeta: BR435

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