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How long has it been since I assembled a Kotobukiya kit?

Checks site…

5 years!

Ironically, that kit was the Sahelanthropus based on a game from Hideo Kojima, just like this one!

The 1/12 Death Stranding Reverse Trike comes Mr. Kojima’s latest game, Death Stranding, a game which I have spent so many of my limited hours on. I love this game. I knew this Kotobukiya Trike was coming and have been waiting for it since the announcement.

And now it’s here!

Box image

Box side images

Ooh, you can make the On-Road version or the Off-Road version. Should be interesting to see how that works.

Water slides! It’s been a long time.

Box end images.

Some manual scans.



First pages.

Marking guide.

Box contents.

Mostly the brownish gray of the bike but there are some coloured parts in there as well.

Here are the cargo containers.

And here are the tires.

Moulded plastic. Probably for the best. This kit is also meant to support the figma Sam Porter Bridges which is due out towards the end of the year. I’ve got my preorder in!

And here are the water slide markings!

It’s been a while since I’ve done water slides though I have plenty in my MG Ver. Ka kits. For the Reverse Trike I think I’m going to have to get my hands, really fingers, wet. Which means I should look into topcoating as well. Maybe once I get my waterslide groove back I’ll go back to some of those Ver Ka’s.

So how does the On-Road/Off-Road switch work?

It looks like you assemble the body first and then work from there dependent on what mode you choose.

For those who are not familiar with the game, as Sam Porter Bridges you are asked to deliver cargo throughout the country to people who cannot leave their bunkers due to an event that devastated America. You can use different versions of this Revere Trike to aid you in that, however, for the first part of the game the landscape is all grass, sand, and rocks and riding a trike is a difficult endeavor. You gain access to the ability to rebuild sections of an old road, provided you’ve secured enough materials, and once those are rebuilt and linked up traversal is a breeze.

I prefer traversing on the roads, but prefer the look of the off-road version over the on-road one.

I’ll have to see both in model kit form to see which one I’ll likely stick with.

I want to get started on this kit but thinking about it makes me want to play Death Stranding some more.

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  1. Joew says:

    Nice kit! So, would we be expecting more content of this kit?
    I was thinking about getting this kit as well since like you, I love death stranding a lot. However, i had a bad experience building kotobukiya kit. Especially the luden kit.
    Maybe some review, thoughts, or content from you might change my mind?

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