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I wrote in the First Look post how I was unsure if was going to get into the Mobile Ginn first or lean towards the MG Banshee Ver Ka. The kit I mentioned being most excited about, the 1/12 Death Stranding Reverse Trike hadn’t arrived when I thought it would so I couldn’t jump on that.

So MG Mobile Ginn it is!

I’m not entirely sure what to expect here though I went in thinking it would be similar to other grunt-like MGs I’ve experienced before. It certainly won’t be anything over the top like the recent Master Grades I’ve been putting together.

The start has you building the top part of the chest frame which includes the pegs for the arms.

The frame construction is actually much different than I was anticipating.

During the start of the frame assembly you’re building an arm type of thing which actually makes up the lower torso.

The first armour goes on around that.

Add your pilot.

Then add the hatch doors to the chest and the neck peg.

The darker gray armour parts then go on.

More of the dark armour is next but you’ve got some assembly to do before they can go on.

You’ll position the small parts in and then close the large parts up.

There isn’t anything to hold the small parts in place while you work to get the final part on so you’ll have to hold it carefully.

Add a dash of red.

This then snaps on around the shoulder peg.

Note how that whole side can slide back and forth around the peg.

Do the same for the other side and that’s the torso.

Now for the head.


It does not swivel like those on our beloved Zaku II 2.0 kits.

Armour for the top of the head is next.

Then the very distinct fin.

Fin goes on the head armour and the clear visor is fitted at this stage.

Complete the head.

Things are moving along rather quickly.

At this pace I think I can complete the legs in this session.

It’s times 2 here which should help.

Ankle joint.

One side of the foot frame.

Put the ankle in that side and close it up.

Add parts to the back of the foot.

Then the front.

Then some armour.

That’s the feet.

Large leg frame parts join with a poly-cap like piece in between at the bottom.

Then frame for the upper leg.

Make these.

Fit them inside an armour piece that then goes on the back of the lower leg. The alignment of that red part can be tricky.

Now we cease assembling both legs at the same time and focus on the right leg.

The hip joint is added.

You’ll lay some parts into the inside of what is the armour for the side of the leg.

There isn’t anything indicating how some of these pieces should be aligned so go with what you think is best.

The armour part for the opposite side only takes one piece which is much easier.

Add the armour for the lower front and shin when you put on the side parts.

Kneecap and upper leg armour is next.

That’s the right leg complete.

Now do the same for the left leg.

Not a bad first session.

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  1. Gal says:

    I enjoyed this build. I brought some Hi-Q lens parts for the mono-eye camera because the sticker doesn’t look nice. If it was shiny metalic then I could settle for that as well. I feel like they cheaped out on the eye.

    I’m thinking of painting this kit’s frame with a dark metallic gray. Top coat it with semi-gloss.

  2. YJ says:

    This kit is such an amazing palette cleanser after a long project.

    The mono-eye does move but you need to remove the helmet and twist it using that small tab on the part where you attach the sticker.

  3. Limerick says:

    Glad to see you alive and well, and still building, brother!
    Looks interesting. Haven’t build an MG for a while. This might be the push.
    Hope you and family health and happiness

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