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Way to feel hip and current with this First Look kit of an MG from 2018, GG.

Okay, yes I am a little (or a lot) late on this kit and I can’t even blame the pandemic as that whole mess started well after the release of this kit.

I will be honest and say that I didn’t have much interest in the MG Banshee Ver. Ka because, well, I’ve built a lot of MG Unicorn kits and variants. But after sitting down with the two newest Ver Ka (MGEX Unicorn and Wing Gundam Zero EW) my feelings changed a bit because I…

1) Didn’t want my collection of Ver Ka MG kits to be missing one entry.
2) Wanted to build it to see how it’s improved from the original MG Banshee which is from 2012 but also…
3) Compare it to the MGEX Unicorn and maybe (definitely) put it in the MGEX’s MS Cage.

So here it is.

Quality MG Katoki box art.

Take off that cover and…

Well, let’s see exactly what we’ve got here.

Nice gold parts.

That’s much better than the yellow-gold they used on the original MG Banshee.

Now let’s see if there are any new parts. I’ll use the runner designations to make that determination.

Psycho-frame is the same as previous Unicorn/Banshee MG kits. That’s not too surprising.

MG 1/100 Unicorn Gundam. Not new.

MG 1/100 Banshee. Not new.

Not new.

Yellow gold (ick).

Not new.

“So are there new parts?”, I asked myself at this point and proceeded to look at all the runners.


So is the only Katoki thing about this kit the manual? Specifically these pages?

And the markings?

Wait these look familiar.

From this post, here’s an image of water-slide markings from the Bandai Exclusive Final Battle Banshee.

I guess I’ve already built this kit. I wonder where it is? I’d packed up many a kit for the move to Australia. Perhaps it’s in one of those boxes. Perhaps I’ll leave it there and give myself reason to build this one.

A reason other than what I listed above.

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  1. Tim says:

    Relatively sure the only real difference is the gold vents on the calves, vs the psycho orange on the OVA. Might be a little biased, as I love the OVA’s railgun and nails armaments, but I can’t help but feel this kit is a big step backward from it.

  2. Ragnaroc says:

    The only reason I have the original and the ver ka is because they were cheap. I got the original when a local hobby shop was closing for 30 and the ver ka from Jojos loot biz.

  3. lupes says:

    I think the main draw of this kit is it uses the Banshee’s novel look (no gold collar on the chest) and that it’s a retail release that has those gold ver. Ka decals that were previously exclusive to pbandai versions of the banshee (final battle and I think the Banshee Norn?). You’ve seen everything this kit has to offer before, but it’s still a nice lil guy.

  4. Jay says:

    I just bought one of this. Any suggest paint for the ugly yellow gold part to match the gold part like his head??

    • Cassius Bright says:

      I’ve never built the kit personally, but you mgiht be able to use Tamiya gold leafing, preferablly over gloss primer.

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