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Part 11 of the build was me putting on the 3D Metallic Stickers.

PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam build Part 12 will be… more stickers!

Like always I’m going to do only half the kit so we can get a look at the difference between a stickered Unleashed and a non-stickered one.

Even so, this post has 50 images.

Here’s the marking guide.

Here are the markings.

And here’s my Unleashed RX-78-2.

I pondered what to apply markings to first and went with the arm.

It’s been a long while since I’ve done markings for a kit like this but I slipped into the marking groove quite quickly.

So much into the groove that I forgot to remember to leave the left arm alone.

I noticed that some of the stickers, such as this one on the inside of the arm, need to be trimmed to fit the space they are meant to fill.

It also appeared to me that some of the markings are bigger than the guide would seem to indicate.

And some areas…

…would be tricky.

The shoulder armour is two different parts lined up together. As such, you’ve got two different stickers to line up.

I went with the top sticker first.

That seemed fine but when I put the bottom one on I could see the alignment was off slightly.

After placing the bottom sticker where I thought it should go I peeled the top one off so I could have another go at lining it up.

Looking at the guide even though the back of the shoulder is the same shape and construction as the front you’re going to be putting on two stickers on the bottom half rather than the front’s one.

After getting that done I went back and redid the front.

This is much better. When I get around to doing the left shoulder front stickers, which also consists of two markings that need to be lined up, I think I’ll be putting the bottom one on first.

Something interested to note.

The information is current as of December 2020.

Does that mean things could change?

Remember I also have plenty of spare Metallic Stickers so…

I’ll be looking to use them!

Another sticker that would benefit from trimming.

This one is found on both knees but fits into a space that isn’t exactly square-shaped like the sticker is.

And this one.

These two, rather. My god. They are meant to go here.

There are some contour changes you need to work with/around.

Here’s the sticker.

After attempting to place it three times or so, and being unsatisfied with the result each time, I set to trim it.

First I cut it into three sections.

Then I cut excess sticker off of each of the end sections.

And then the excess of the middle section.

Once the trimming was done I tried placing each part separately.

Hmmm. And remember there is a second sticker to go in that same space.

No, thank you.

After putting on the stickers covering the center and right side of the kit I noticed that if I’d chosen the left side instead there would have been more to do when it came to the legs.

Here is the Unleashed with half its stickers (not counting the weapons) on.

Just one more session! The last of the markings and any spare Metallic stickers to go on and I’ll be done this magnicificent kit.

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