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Part 12 of the PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam was all stickers. All half of them. Well, not quite all half of them. I didn’t apply the markings to the Rifle and Shield. Or Core Fighter for that matter. Also, the left side of the MS, as it turns out, has more markings than the right side thus I came up just short of half of them.

So Part 13 will be where I finish it all off. I’ve got 37 more images here to show that.

The rifle.

Takes only one sticker on each side? Wha?

That was easy.

Here is the underside of the shield. I show it here to show that you can have the connecting arm folded straight against the underside of the shield. I hadn’t figured it out during the assembly stage so I’m correcting the record here.

And here is the shield with its markings.

Now for the Core Fighter. All markings are meant have a matching one for the opposite side.

Now for that tricky split shoulder.

When I Put the stickers on the right shoulder I placed the top one on first but didn’t like how I aligned it and changed things several times. This time I opted to put the bottom one on first.

I can’t say I’m completely satisfied (that’s a hard place for me to get to) but the process was easier doing it this way.

I must confess I’m also at the point where I’m tired with what seems a battle of wills with some of these stickers and may lower my standards just to get this all done.

No I won’t.

Here is the left leg with its upper thigh sticker on.

On the outside of the leg you’ve got two stickers to put on.

The inside of the left leg has the same set.

And there’s as ticker for the back of the upper leg.

That pretty much wraps up all the markings.

Except that…

There seems to be quite a few unused ones.

Like with the Metallic Stickers I guess I can use these extra to further detail my Unleashed kit. Let’s look at an area that seems lean on markings.

That’s a little better.

And why not use one of these for the untouched Core Block.

And I like what I did with these.

The side of the upper body also seems like it could use some added details.

And here he is. The Unleashed RX-78-2, with a few extra details.

And his accessories.

I’ll be back with some more shots and some final thoughts.

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