Gaijin Gunpla

Covid is getting a little out of control here in NSW and so we’ve been issued Stay-at-Home orders. That’s tough for many people here especially families whose children have just entered school holidays. I’m too busy to enjoy being at home full time but if I do manage to find some time for myself there is the RG Wing Gundam to keep me busy.

I’m glad to see this MS as a Real Grade kit. I enjoyed myself with the MG version and the RG should be that much better.

Box art.

#35!? Are we really at # 35 already? Time flies.

Some more of the tasty images on the box.

Box contents.

It’s a decently full box and not ultra thin. I do see the use of the RG MS Joint is minimal, however.

That’s a lot less than the RG Wing Zero that’s for sure.

And more than two full runners of regular frame parts.

Which leaves the rest for the colour.


Transformation is at the end.

Then, of course, the marking guide.

A nice amount of those as to be expected.

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