Gaijin Gunpla

Wait, this isn’t a giant Robot.

No, it isn’t though it is pretty giant. This here is the 1/32 Imaginary Skeleton Tyrannosaurus made by the same company who makes most of the giant robots found on this site.

While, Gunpla is Bandai’s bread-winner they haven’t been afraid to branch into different directions. Heck, they brought us the Action Funassyi of all things. While I may not have been too interested in that one I am defintely down with this one.

Like the name of this product, and this post, indicates you’re only getting the skeleton of Mesozoic Period’s apex predator. Again, I am down with this and it looks like it will have a lot of the attention to detail that Bandai is famous for.

Looking in the box doesn’t cause that much excitement, however.

It’s just a lot of brown runners with brown parts.

Three bags worth.

These are the distinctive parts I was looking for.

Here is the base that he will stand on.

And the clear parts that are used to stand him up.

Aside from the parts there are two books.

The first is the assembly instructions.

Similar to an HG kit manual there are both coloured and black-and-white pagegs.

They even have a section, similar to Gunpla manuals, telling you how to add some details.

The second book gives you information and insight into the Tyrannosaurus.

I include the last image because it shows the kind of thing I have been learning recently when I read my son books about dinosaurs. The little guy is two and a half and still learning how to talk but already talks about Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Stegasaurus, Brachiosaurus, Diplodicus, Ankylosaurus, Dimetridon, and Parasauralophos. Yes, he knows all those.

We even took him to see the Tyrannosaur exhibit at the Australian Museum when it was in town.

Here’s a few shot from that day.

So I knew he would be interested in this kit here though he’s too young to assemble it right now.

When it arrived I called him over while I opened the box and his eyes grew wide as saucers.

“Mama! My Tyrannosaur is here!”, “Mama! Look!”

He’s already been asking to build it so I’m waiting until we have a calm afternoon together to sit down and see what we can do together.

Of course, I should mention that we are still in the middle of lockdown with stay-at-home orders in place and there are no calm afternoons at my place right now with everyone together all day in the seemingly-growing-smaller-by-the-day apartment of ours. This has had a larger impact on my day to day life than I thought it would and I’ve found it hard to find the desire or inspiration to build anything right now.

Hopefully, this craziness can end soon and things can get back to what is likely to be our new normal. Hopefully, that new normal still affords me time to build Gunpla. Maybe new normal won’t be normal for some time now and by then my son will meet the age recommended by Bandai on its box and I won’t have to be too careful building it with him.



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