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Three months.

That’s how long it’s been since I posted a WIP post on this Gunpla blog. I’ve had this post draft started since the 20th of June. I hadn’t intended to have a delay that long, or any delay really, but this is how things have played out mostly thanks to the lockdown we are experiencing here in Sydney. That started on the 26th of June and it still continues.

I’m an introvert and I usually prefer staying at home to going out so I thought I would be suited to deal with something like a Covid lockdown especially since many of my hobbies, such as Gunpla, are done at home.

And yet, this lockdown has been tougher on me than I anticipated. Even tougher for my two children under 6 years old. They’ve been stuck at home for months now and trying to keep their spirits up and keep them entertained has each day leaves me little time and/or energy for myself. I mostly end up crashing and falling asleep next to the kids as I put them to bed.

I don’t know the situations of everyone out there who visits this site but I hope that you’re doing the best you can in these difficult times.

So.. back to the previous post on the MG Mobile Ginn.

It has been so long since I built this section and took these pictures that I don’t remember a lot of the process. Because of that I don’t recall the things I would have wanted to emphasize in this post. Rather than leave it unwritten I decided I’d do a photo dump of what I have here and hopefully that will jumpstart me and get me back into a regular routine. I’ve still got a lot of exciting stuff in the backlog that I always intended to build and write about. I know a lot of people are regulars here and I don’t want to let anyone down. You guys need entertainment during these tough times just like I do.

So, three months ago, I had intended to show you…

The Waist Unit.

Looking at the pictures I am reminded that I found two sets of waist frame parts in the Ginn.

The build went thusly…

Lower body Complete!

Oh, that’s right. I still needed arms.

I did a lot of building that day.

The waist, arms, and shoulders giving me the full body.

And the backpack!

And that is where I left it.

A completed backpack that needs to be put on and then weapons.

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  1. Dawson Lee says:

    Glad to see that you still took the time to update your site. It’s a bummer yeah this pandemic and the different lockdowns. I guess being a parent comes first but still, thank you for sparing a thought for your readers too!

  2. Juan L. says:

    It has been ages since I last checked your blog and am delighted to hear that you and your family are safe.

    I really hope that one day, Covid magically disappears so we can all go back to how things were.

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