Gaijin Gunpla

The main body for the RG Hi-Nu Gundam is assembled so now we move onto another one of the Hi-Nu’s distinctive features.

The backpack.

It starts out easy enough.

One frame piece covered by white armour.

But then you get something not as easy.

You’re making these two ball joints.

You’re not just putting them on the backpack, you’re actually using two parts to make each ball joint. And watch out for undergates.

You’ll notice that these ball joint parts aren’t straight but bend at a point. That bend needs to point to the outside.

Two thrusters then go on just about those ball joints as well as a frame part that attaches to the middle of the backpack.

That frame part will pivot up and close that area off.

Now to start on those long fuel tanks that attach to the backpack. You’ll first work on the end segment.

Four silver parts fit into place around the sides of the white tube.

You’ll then cut out the other sections and remove any undergates.

You’ll use a frame part and the long section to finish it all off.

The frame part needs to line up a certain way.

To finish the tanks off you’ll fit together a gold part with its frame ring.

These need to lined up together properly to fit tightly together.

These then plug in at the top of the fuel tank.

Put both of those aside and grab the G runner for some frame parts.

Note how these line up.

Looks like this is designed to extend.

Add the armour parts for the side and a frame part for below.

A small frame part then snaps on to the end and a white part onto that.

Armour parts then go around any exposed frame.

Lastly put together a separate armour section with its own frame part.

This will snap onto the larger section you just completed.

You can then attach all this the main backpack.

That looks pretty monstrous but there is still work to be done.

Grab a piece of frame and inside that insert a small frame piece that is meant to move.

Here is a closer look.

There will be two of these so you’ll need to be building two of everything like these.

And these joints.

Those joints fit into place on one end while the other section, with the silver part, that you also put together goes on the opposite end.

With that silver end section in place you can see how it operates involving that small frame part that went in first.

There is still more involving that area to be done.

Make two of these.

There are two more of these types of thing in each side but these are only one plastic piece each.

The two-piece one fits on the end with the movable frame part while the other two are dropped onto pegs allowing them to swivel slightly on their own.

The engineering here means that the silver ended section and the first, two-parted, frame section will move together connected by that small frame part.

Now for a Beam Sabre handle.

Fit that into the top of the frame you’ve been putting together.

This will open allowing access to the handle.

Close the frame up.

And start adding armour pieces.

Then finish it up with some blue.

Once done, connect them to the already very large backpack.

Not much more to go!

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