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Yup, it’s been 30 days since the last post for the MG Mobile Ginn.

30 days between WIP posts…

I consider that a success.

I’m slowly getting back into things. Some of the more exciting kits in a while have finally reached me and my nipper hand has been flexing a bit.

This last WIP post is for the weapons.

There are some interesting ones here.

First there are some, 4 to be more precise, Magazines.

Then it’s the MMI-M8A3 76mm Heavy Assault Machine Gun.

That’s a mouthful.

Plug in one of your four Magazines.

But what to do with the three remaining magazines? Here is the solution.

Just those two parts. Once combined you plug in the mags.

Then it’s the MA-M3 Heavy Blade.

That’s two ‘heavy’ things here so far.

Time for this runner.

The blade runner. Boom!

Add some small parts around the handle.

And a part from the A-runner.

Oh no! I cannot locate my A runner. It is not in the box. I must have disposed of it all those days ago without realizing there was one small part left on there.

Well, here’s my Heavy Blade (made even more top heavy due to the lack counterweight on the other end. Sigh.)

Now for the M68 Pardus Short-Range Guided 3-Barrel Missile Launcher.

Right side of course.

Left side assembles with all the same parts, bar one.

So here is the lot.

I’ll have to find places to mount/hold them all on the Ginn.

So wraps up the MG Mobile Ginn build. Now it’s out of the way I can begin the RG Hi-Nu Gundam!

Narrator: It’s already begun…

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