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Still in lockdown. Still minding two young children who are also locked down and locked out of many things. Still finding it quite tiring and still finding it difficult to find time to myself to do things like Gunpla.

Still, something comes along which makes me want to find that time.

Like the MG Eclipse Gundam.

I will admit, this wasn’t really on my radar at all. Other than the Ver Ka MG kits what’s been coming out lately hasn’t really the MG releases have been a bit underwhelming (though I will say that the newly announced MG Rick-Dom and MG Dom look great and are definitely on the list).

So what intrigues me about the Eclipse?

Sure, it’s got great box art.

And I do find that tall, sleek look appealing.

But it’s the transformation that really captures my attention.

I’ll get to that later so let me continue by showing you what else it can do.

Yes, if you’ve got the P-Bandai Sword and Striker Pack for the MG Aile Strike RM then you can slap them on the back of your Eclipse.

It’s a big box (big enough that I wondered how it got here as a small air packet). Opening it up revealed…

…quite a lot of frame runners.

Each of these bags contains one frame runner and one armour runner, while the next bags…

Have more frame parts along with the blue and coloured armour parts.

Then there is one more small blue armour runner and…

A stand! Thank you, Bandai! This is always more than welcome.

The markings are rather plentiful as well.

The manual is, unsurprisingly, thicker than a regular MG manual.

Just look at that transformation.

This image made me chuckle.

Yes, it’s in monochrome and, yes, it also says “The completed product in this image has been painted.” How would I know either way?

Here is the transformation at the back of the manual.

What’s this?

A barcode and link that takes you to a site that can show you how to transform your Eclipse?

This is fantastic!

How many times have builders struggled with transforming some of these elaborately designed Master Grade kits? Speaking for myself, often enough. Now they can walk you through it, and with video!

Slow clap.

And this Eclipse Transformation does look a little complicated. It takes up four pages in the manual.

And the end result looks amazing.

Hopefully I can get it into that form. With the help of the video, I surely can!

And it reminds you that you can plug on the Aile Striker pack from your MG Aile Strike RM

Marking guide.

Let the games begin.

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