Gaijin Gunpla

The first WIP post of this big boy was a big one. There were 83 pictures in that post if my memory serves me correctly.

Yes, the RG Hi-Nu Gundam is a big boy and even in the smaller 1/144 scale that RGs fit into he towers over most and with what Bandai has engineered here there’s a lot to put together.

Tonight, it’s the Waist Unit.

Bring out the G runner.

And some parts from F. Like these. Which need foil stickers before putting them in their places.

Interestingly, a third part from the G Runner is put inside the skirt frame and looks to lock the hip joint parts in place.

And another interesting design for this RG is the portion of the frame where the skirts will attach to.

Each side has two articulated frame parts to allow a lot of extra movement.

That goes on the top and is secured by a small frame part that snaps onto both sections.

The first of the armour is added at this stage as well.

That armour moves too.

Add two more armour parts.

Then construct what will be the center block.

Front skirt assembly.

Rear skirt assembly.

These are meant to flip open slightly so you have to place them on the hinge correctly.

I misplaced the first one and when I tried to pull it off to adjust it that blue armour part snapped instantly.

It was such a quick clean break that there isn’t much of a stress mark on the plastic.

This will bug me for a good while.

Front skirts snapped onto ball joints but the rear slide onto poles.

Side skirts.

Nothing broke here.

Look at that big guy.

Even for an RG he’s a big boy.

Now onto the Chest Unit.

Here are two parts from the G runner and one each from both the F runners.

These need stickers.

Once done drop a silver frame part over top.

More frame parts, and the white collar, go together to make the upper torso.

That small part you see is what will allow the cockpit hatch to open and close.

That white part has the ability to swivel up.

Now to join the frame for the lower torso with that of the upper torso a chest and a back frame parts.

Neck joint.

These frame parts go together to make the shoulder joints and pegs.

And they need stickers after assembly.

There are two sizes of stickers so be sure you get the correct sticker on the correct side.

Push those joints into place.

Add some more silver.

Then the chest vents which are silver along with the white armour that covers them.

The blue armour piece for the side than slides into place.

Then the large blue armour piece to cover the top of the torso.

At this point you’re supposed to collapse the torso frame so there’s no gap between the silver part at the bottom and the silver on the chest but I had already done that.

Cockpit hatch.

How’s he looking so far?

Great! He’s looking great!

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  1. elquanta says:

    Hi Syd, glad to see you back, but seems like you forgot to put the I1/2 (30) parts on the front section of Hi-Nu feet (It’s on 01-05 section of the manual)? XD

  2. Chall Acustica says:

    Glad to see you back in full swing with a Gundam. Love the detail on this chest.

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