Gaijin Gunpla

I’m about in the middle of the RG Hi-Nu Gundam build. That big bottom is finished along with the Chest.

Now it’s on to…

…the Arm Units.

Start with the two shoulder joints.

Add their foil stickers.

Follow that up with the frame for the upper arm and elbow joint.

Upper armour and the little yellow circles go on next.

Such… tiny… undergates.

Plug in your shoulder joint and you’ve got your upper arms complete. Now it’s time to separate Right arm construction from that of the left.

Several frame parts are used here.

That long one looks like it could be a weapon?

Close it up and add armour.

Then some silver.

Choose your hand position.

I always go with clenched fist to start.

You’ll add a cuff before plugging in the hand.

Check out the bend.

Left lower arm uses different frame parts.

Then different style of armour pieces go onto that.

The blue armour and frame combine to make an interesting unit.

Add the white and silver armour to the front.

You’ll then be placing a Beam Saber handle into that blue contraption.

And finishing it with a white part.


My left arm has a closed fist, too.

Let’s get started on those shoulders.

Three frame parts comprise the base of the shoulder.

That’s nothing new but I did see something interesting in there.

The way the center part fits into the side frame allows that center piece to move only one direction.

This means your shoulders can go up – this is beneficial when it comes to posing – but can’t droop down.

A white part goes on either side of the shoulder while the top gets a blue piece of armour.

The connection between the blue armour and the frame is designed to allow that blue part to move/tilt slightly.

There is a little bit of movement there.

And now for some very intensive work.

There are some very small silver parts meant to go into some very small places.

You’re making two shoulders so that is eight little parts meant to go into eight small places.

Get out the magnifying glass.

After all that you’ll put together separate sections that will join that main shoulder.

Just plug them in.

This design means that the second, smaller section can separate itself from the shoulder base slightly.

Let’s get those arms and shoulders on!

Those big shoulders make the upper part of the Hi-Nu match the scale of the big bottom half.

Now for that distinctive head.

I’ll place the eye sticker on before removing the clear part from the runner.

Good idea? We’ll find out soon.

It will join the facemask and the chin.

These parts are small.

These will then slide into the head frame part while a white amrour part fits into place at the back.

Like this.

Oh, and add a super tiny green sticker while you’re here.

Side armour parts are next.

Then the double V fin.

There he is.

Looking forward to the backpack!

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  1. Chall Acustica says:

    That part you said looked like a weapon is indeed a small machine gun

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