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Oooh Wooh Wooh!

It has arrived!

The RG Hi-Nu Gundam, number 36 in the Real Grade line is a monster.

(Yes, I know I haven’t completed #35 yet. Give me time.)

The RG Nu Gundam is an amazing kit and when the Hi Nu was announced I was so excited. I prefer the look and colouring of the Hi-Nu over the regular Nu. I still love my MG Hi Nu Ver Ka, which was disassembled shortly after I had posted the review in preparation for some painting. Hmm.

Even that box art is so satisfying to look at. I know I’ve written about how hard it has been to get into things during extended lockdown but this could be the remedy!

Just like the RG NU this guy comes as a big box RG with the box pretty full.

RG marking sheet!

This is the same B Runner as the Nu Gundam. Fin funnels round two!

A runner.

The gold in the images on the box looked like they could be plated but that’s not the case.

The RG Sinanju had plated gold parts but maybe it’s too much to expect Bandai to go there again.

There are three frame runners in this bag.

That’s a lot.

The rest of the bags consist of two smaller silver parts, then the blue armour parts.

Then two bags full of the white armour pieces.


The B frame which used to be a major part of the Real Grade engineering now is left to be brought out near the end.

Marking Guide.

Long live the RG line!

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  1. Lupes says:

    Think they’ll make an HWS for the RG too? Since the regular Nu got one I’d be surprised if they didn’t. The HWS + Hyper Mega Bazooka would look pretty excellent together.

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