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This is it.

The last WIP post for the RG Hi-Nu Gundam. It’s been a wild ride so far with a good amount of assembling even for an RG.

This post starts with the Weapons.

The first one of those being the Beam Rifle.

Assembly is quite simple with mix of frame, armour, and silver parts.

Decent looking rifle if you ask me.

Next up, the New Hyper Bazooka.

Attach a handle to a silver part and slide that up the barrel.

This kind of thing we’ve seen often across many kits with bazooka for weapons.

Add the body, then the end.

Two silver parts will cover up most of the end.

Once assembled you can slide that barrel in.

When extending back out it clicks into place nicely.

Now for the weapon I was most interested in seeing.

That beautiful shield.

The frame for this is one large piece.

Which includes the end which, in other kits, would often be a separate part.

Flip it over and add the first blue parts.

Then a light blue part and another blue piece go onto the end. But get those undergates off first.

Now I’ll flip it over and add the frame part that is meant to connect the shield to the Hi-Nu.

I do not like this.

This piece as the connector means it plugs into the back o the arm.

That means, to get the shield out in front of the Hi-Nu, you have to turn the arm so the back of the elbow faces out. It’s a very unnatural-looking position. I guess if you’re a giant robot then you needn’t worry about what looks ‘natural’.

Here’s the lot.

And now we’re going on a visit to the…

…Fin Funnel Factory!

Come and join me on the assembly line. We are making all six funnels at one time so there are a lot of parts to prepare.

This is the first batch.

No, sorry. Missed these.

Now I’m ready.

Here is what I need for one funnel.

The small frame part fits inside the white part then those go on top of a light blue part.

The B Frame then fits onto that with another white part going on to the B frame’s opposite side.

Okay, so now I need these parts.

Plug the B frame onto the long white part, add the light blue to secure that connection, and then put on the dark blue piece.

For the next step I’ll need these.

These lay on top of the dark blue part.

Make sure nubs and undergates are removed fully to allow the tight fit that is required.

Fin Funnel formation is half done!

Let’s test the joint.


Now I’ll need to start on the opposite fins. I will need to prepare these parts.

Oh, and these.

Assembly is the same and it’s worth noting that the connections for one side of the funnels is different from that on the opposite side so you needn’t worry about cutting off and trying to use the wrong piece.

Wait, what are these?

These are from the…

RG Nu Gundam runner. Didn’t notice that during the unboxing.

Prepare the funnels.

Prepare the Hi-Nu as well. For me, that mean finally putting on the backpack.

They will plug into these (of course).

When the funnels are folded the end is a square.

That square plugs into the frame part on the underside of the backpack.

It’s quite snug and the funnel does not fall back out.

So do that six times!

I don’t think you have to look carefully to see those large fuel tanks touching the ground.

They need to. It’s the only way to get Mr. Hi-Nu to stay upright.

The backpack with funnels is so heavy that you have to push the fuel tanks forward to try and wedge them in place otherwise the Hi-Nu will lean back and the toes come off the ground.

But if you can get them in there so he’s upright and straight he is one bad-ass looking kit.

He’s like an angel of death.

Looking forward to getting this guy on a stand which is not something I normally say.

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  1. Limerick says:

    If you spread the wings evenly on the sides, will it be able to stand on its own (no tank crutch)?
    Glad to see you keeping it up, man.

  2. Quotes Lover says:

    It looks really great in the end.

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