Gaijin Gunpla

Touhoku's tragedy remains.

Incoming, at least.

I waited until today

Let's stay calm and do the right thing

Bring on the Death Stranding merch!

It's like an old friend come to visit

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It's summer down here, didn't you know.

What's going on?

October kicks it off!

stuff will be happening

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I'm actually quite saddened by this

To review or not to review...

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This looks like it will turn into an annual thing.

Recent history but history nonetheless?

I said I'd write about it and I did.

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Balance is everything

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It's easy to tell who really cares.

One of those things Japan does right.

Peek in on this!

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Back to there!

Gunpla seems to follow me around.

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2018 is gonna be much different for this Gunplar

I did a podcast

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to be without my kits

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Alas, change is inevitable.

That's what's happening right now.

Reviewing a different type of FF.

What can we expect in the world of Gunpla

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We had about 10 years to prepare

The last in our series. For now.

Five years after X

PlayStation 2 made everything new

The last of the PSX Final Fantasies

The one we all forget

The one we all remember