Gaijin Gunpla

So long.

Mine, not theirs.

Discovery of new Supernova has world talking.

Technically Saitama Super Arena

I GOT A... think about this a bit

The jury is still out.

is it good?

Oh! (Oh my!)

All their love is for me!

The good stuff

I'm not a stalker, I'm Paparazzi!


Don't I already have this material?

You folks abroad are finally realizing something I've known for some time now.

Double the fun.

No translation necessary. "Oh My!" is the same in all languages.

I have a duty...

Allow me to show you them showing themselves.

My newest prized possession.

Friday night turned out all right.

May they last forever!

No turning back now. (Not that I want to.)

I was going to title it 'The Best 1400円 I've Ever Spent' but that title would be too long.

I cannot stop watching these girls sing this song.