Gaijin Gunpla

Incoming, at least.

Let's stay calm and do the right thing

It's summer down here, didn't you know.

October kicks it off!

stuff will be happening

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I'm actually quite saddened by this

To review or not to review...

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This looks like it will turn into an annual thing.

I said I'd write about it and I did.

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It's easy to tell who really cares.

One of those things Japan does right.

Back to there!

Gunpla seems to follow me around.

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2018 is gonna be much different for this Gunplar

I did a podcast

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to be without my kits

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Alas, change is inevitable.

That's what's happening right now.

Reviewing a different type of FF.

What can we expect in the world of Gunpla

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We had about 10 years to prepare

Five years after X

PlayStation 2 made everything new

The last of the PSX Final Fantasies

The one we all forget

The one we all remember

Getting nerdy, fantastically

Gaijin Gunpla Level Up!

It came at just the right (and wrong) time.

I get some!

Everything can't go!

New Year and much expected to change.

I've been known to geek in moderation.

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That just happened.

bit of whining on my part.